About Heineken Beer

About Heineken Beer

A bit of History

First brewed in 1873, this unique beer got it's start in a very old brewery called the De Hoolberg (The Haystack) in Amsterdam. Purchased by Gerard Adriaan Heineken for a deal of some sort, the rest is history and today Heineken & Co is still a family business.

About the Beer

Heineken is known as a pale ale made of purified water, malted barley, hops and yeast. This unique import is brewed in 39 countries around the world. Most of the beer is brewed in the Heineken brewery in Zoeterwoude in the Netherlands. Heineken is a favorite import here in the United States and is an upscale beer pick among beer connoisseurs.

As such a popular choice in the beer world, we have featured Heineken in a variety of beer connoisseur choices in gift giving. Packed nicely in black gift boxes order a gift pack assortment in a 2 pack gift set with snacks, a 6 pack import variety with snacks and a twelve pack import assortment. We had to include this well crafted brew with it's timeless flavors and classic pub style.

Heineken Beer & Cuisine

As a pale ale, a cold Heineken would cut through nicely fried seafood dishes. For the summer season and as a contrast of flavors pair a Heineken with smoky summer bbq favorites.