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We are a company created to send out celebratory gifts in a responsible manner. With the passion our country has with this special beverage and all the occasions to enjoy beer. We believe our selections will bring much joy and nostalgia to all who send and receive our unique gifts.

The fascination for beer is evident throughout history all over the world. Our staff is working on gifts designed to reflect the enthusiasm and worldwide connection to this time-honored drink. To keep our customers up to date, our goal is to share the latest craft brews from across the country as well as imports throughout the world. Our goal is to offer fresh and unique beers along with old time popular favorites to create a cool gift experience for all.

The Best Selection and Prices for the Beer Lover in your Life

We have the largest selection of beer themed gifts on the web. With over one hundred to choose from, you will have no trouble finding the right one for any occasion. Shop for gifts with craft and imported brews that will impress any enthusiast. Our unique gifts are themed for Birthday's, Father's Day, Over the Hill, Get Well, Congratulatory, Fall Favorites, Halloween and Holiday's.

Our Gifts are designed for the beer fan that enjoys a bottle of after work, for the weekend game or for that special occasion. Featured beers include a medley of American craft brews, imported classics, and popular name brands. Our beer baskets may include a collection of popular choices like, New Belgium, Santa Fe Brewing Co, Gordon Biersch Brewing Company, Corona, Guinness, Budweiser, Heineken, NewCastle, and Tecate just to name a few.

Added to our gift arrangements are traditional gourmet snacks such as Beer nuts, pretzels, salted pistachios, popcorn, chips & dip, brittles, cheese biscuits, chocolates and cookies that make each basket fun filled for snackers who enjoy beer. Our selection of presents are delivered on time and are uniquely created with your budget in mind. so have a fun time browsing our variety from the three packs up to the one dozen collections of brews.

Recent Customer Testimonials

Hi! I just wanted to THANK YOU so much for the awesome job you did on the gift I ordered for my friend's birthday!! She sent me pictures, and I am super impressed with everything you did - from the birthday card and ribbons on the packaging to the selection of munchies and beer - you guys are totally impressive and my friend was so excited about her gift - Thanks again!!! - Joan, Cary NC

Just want to say Thank You. The present was perfect. Received nothing but Rave from the recipient. Was this the standard package of beers? The reason I am asking is one was from the local area I sent it to. They were completely excited to see a local company in the basket. Made it look like I went the extra mile with that. Thanks again!!! - Gerri, Farmington MN

Brews we include in our Gifts

Mendocino Brewing Company Ukiah, Ca. - Red Tail Ale
While there are some excellent beers born from modern brewing ideas, there's still room in the market for classic beers that stick to the "old world" style of brewing. The Mendocino Brewing Company showed that those traditional standards are still worth keeping around when they introduced their flagship brand known as Red Tail Ale. This handcrafted American-style amber ale is part of the brewery's Legend Collection and is crafted from premium Two-Row malted barley and a proprietary yeast. The brewers add enough hops to ensure a subtle kick of bitterness, but this beer is really all about the interplay of sweet malts. With a grainy aroma and deep amber to light brown color, this is one brew that you'll want to pour into a glass and serve with any dinner worthy of your fine china. It's also the perfect companion when you're cheering on your favorite sports team or refreshing after a long day.

Kona Brewing Company Kailua-Kona, HI - Fire Rock Pale Ale
How do they do craft beer in Hawaii? Find out when you indulge in the sweetness of Fire Rock Pale Ale from the Kona Brewing Company. Your experience will start with the beer's noteworthy copper color, which is dotted with a satisfying amount of carbonation. The white foam rises to a head and then dies back to a thinly laced layer that lingers to the last drop. The aroma has a citrus appeal, but the hops will greet your nose first. If you're a fan of sweet beers that aren't afraid to get creative with the malts, you'll appreciate the blend of premium pale two-row malts, carapils, honey, extra special malt and dark malt. Cascade and Millennium hops join the party to deliver a hoppy finish that balances out that sweet flavor profile. This is a great everyday brew because it's tame enough to play nice with a salad or other light dishes while still holding up to the rich flavors of a more substantial meal.

Flying Fish Brewing Company Somerdale, NJ. - American Extra Pale Ale
Baseball fans love American Extra Pale Ale from the Flying Fish Brewing Company, but it's not limited to the ball game. This is an everyday beer that you can pair with a light meal, a heavy dinner, a quick snack with friends or a night cap with someone special. The strong presence of Columbus, Mt. Rainier and Palisades hops is apparent in the intense aroma, but this is a well-balanced beer that allows a blend of four malts to tame that bitter touch once it hits your tongue. Chico yeast is combined with Aromatic, Carafoam, Munich and Two-Row Pale malts to create a mild taste that virtually anyone can appreciate. If you enjoy pouring your beer into a glass and watching the head rise, you may appreciate the golden color of yellow straw with a white layer of foam that can easily expand to a full inch before settling.

Full Sail Brewing Company Hood River, OR. - Amber Ale
The Full Sail Brewing Company set the bar high when they introduced Oregon's first amber ale in 1989. Now marketed under the simple name Amber Ale, this was the first craft beer to get bottled and distributed beyond the local brewery. We're now living in an age where craft beers are shipped around the world to the praise of international enthusiasts, but Full Sail Amber Ale still commands a healthy following with loyal fans. In fact, this is an award-winning dark beer that has claimed more than 20 gold medals. What does it take to win year after year even when pitted against some dynamite dark beers? It takes a strong blend of Chocolate, Two-Row Pale and Crystal malts and enough Cascades and Mt. Hoods hops to create a delicate flavor profile and a smooth consistency. While the malts rise to the front of the line when you first take a sip, the hops are sure to put on a show before you swallow. It takes a bit of spice balanced by the right floral undertones, and it takes a respected brewery with a history of producing winning recipes.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Chico, Ca. - Torpedo Extra IPA
At the Sierra Nevada Brewery, they refer to Torpedo Extra IPA as their "hop bomb." The brewery is known for creating delicious beers centered on premium-quality hops, and this is one IPA that lives up to that reputation. While many breweries are still focusing on creating the right flavor while treating the aroma as a byproduct, the brewers at Sierra Nevada improved upon the process by creating their dry-hopping machine known as the Hop Torpedo. This machine imparts the perfect hoppy aroma into every batch of brew without altering the bitter taste of the beer. The end result is Torpedo Extra IPA, which greets your nose with an intensely hop aroma and then satisfies your taste buds with a hoppy taste balanced by Two-Row Pale and Caramel malts. Magnum hops are the highlight of this IPA, but Citra and Crystal hops are added for the finishing touch. This beer pairs well with duck and lamb, so make room on the dinner table.

Santa Fe Brewing Co. Santa Fe, NM. - State Pen Porter
You may not want to spend too much time hanging around the state pen, but the Santa Fe Brewing Company will give you a reason to ponder that lifestyle with this unique beer. Their State Pen Porter is a malty ale that has won six awards, including gold and bronze medals from the World Beer Cup and two "Best of Rockies" designations from the U.S. Beer Tasting Championship. While the chocolate malts really stand out in the aroma as well as flavor, this full-bodied brew is crafted from a combination of Chocolate, Crystal, Carastan and Two-Row Pale malts. Add a hearty dose of Hallertau, Cluster, and Cascade hops, and you're left with a highly drinkable brew with hints of licorice and raisin in the complex flavor. This is a beer that you can add to any dinner table because it stands up well to roasted meats and dishes with intense flavor.

New Belgium Brewing Company Fort Collins, Co. - Fat Tire Ale
Expect a sense of balance with this popular Amber Ale done in the Belgian style that includes fruits, spices and good yeast from English and Germans traditions. Fat Tire has won us over with the sense of balance and hop freshness.

Anchor Brewing Company, San Francisco, CA. - California Lager
The Anchor Brewing Company brewed their first batch of California Lager in 2012 in their San Francisco brewery. The lager made it into bottles a year later and remains a popular product for the brewers to this day. What makes this all-malt brew stand out in the marketplace is the intention behind the recipe. The brewers wanted to pay homage to the brewing history of California, so they recreated the first lager produced in the state. This updated version starts with Two-Row California Barley and adds Cluster hops and a proprietary yeast. While this goes against the trend of combining five or more hops and malts to create complex aromas and flavors, each bottle of California Lager offers a smooth drink with delicate flavor that is well-balanced. It pours with a golden welcome and rises to the top of your glass with a rich, creamy head. This is a simple brew that goes back to the early days of lager in California, but it appeals just as well to the modern beer enthusiast and casual drinker.

Anderson Valley Brewing Company, Boonville, CA. - Boont Amber Ale
Boont Amber Ale comes straight out of Boonville, California, and just one sip will show you how well malts and hops can play together. Brewers at the Anderson Valley Brewing Company created this drinkable beer to start off with the satisfying flavor of sweet caramel malts and end with the bite of spicy hops. The drinking experience starts with a light aroma that hints at toffee and fruit with highlights of sun-toasted grain. Lift the glass to your lips, and savor the initial sweetness produced by the blend of Crystal and Pale Two-Row malts. The combination of Mr. Hood, Bravo, Northern Brewer and Columbus hops finish off each sip with a punch of bitterness that will leave you craving the next drink. When poured into a glass, this ale quickly bubbles into a thin white head. As the bubbles disperse, you're left with a non-carbonated Amber Ale that goes down smooth. While you may expect a deep red ale to sit a little heavy, this is a light, refreshing beer that will help you relax at the end of a long day.