Beer Baskets for Men

Beer Baskets for Men

Gifts for Men who Love Beer

If you have a special guy in your life, whether it is your husband, boyfriend, father or brother, and he is known for enjoying a beer or two in his leisure time, let him know he is appreciated with one of the beer baskets for men from BeerGifts.com. No matter what his particular favorites may be, you will find a fantastic gift basket or gift bucket that he will adore. Among our most popular gifts for men are our categorized baskets filled with famous American and import beers, such as Budweiser, Corona, and Guinness.

Our Budweiser, Corona, and Guinness baskets have been so well received by our customers, that we now present them in several varieties so that you have a choice of price points and options. For instance, you can repay a small favor with a Budweiser Blend Gift Basket that includes three bottles of beer and a few snacks, or you can choose one of our larger baskets, such as the Budweiser Classic Gift Basket, Budweiser Festival Gift Basket or the American Classic Bud Beer Gift Basket.

Of course, we don’t offer beer gifts for men comprised of only large-batch brews from the United States. We also carry several baskets with beers from around the world. Our Around the World Brew Basket is always a favorite with men who just want to try something new. It contains a variety of beers from several different countries, including Tecate from Mexico, Newcastle from England, Heineken from the Netherlands and Sapporo from Japan.

For those who like American-made beer but shy away from the big names, we carry an assortment of beer baskets for men that will have them smiling from ear to ear. Our Fat Tire Four Pack gives you four bottles of America’s favorite craft brew, but if you need a little more variety, then the men in your life will love the Beer Medley Basket featuring an assortment of America’s favorite microbrews. You can also choose from several others, including the Microbrew Times Basket, the Microbrew Party Basket or the Microbrew Master Gift, featuring a full 12-pack of finely crafted beer and ale.

Rogue Brewing, Newport OR. - American Amber Ale
If you prefer to keep your beer as natural as possible, you're probably a raving Rogue Brewing fan. This brand is known for offering handmade beers crafted without additives, preservatives and other chemical ingredients. American Amber Ale is one of the most popular Rogue recipes and has won more than 30 awards from the World Beer Championships and other prestigious organizations. This includes nearly ten gold medals, proving that this is one of the best Amber Ales to tingle your taste buds. Whether it's time to celebrate in style or you need an exquisite beer for a dinner party, Rogue has you covered.

Rogue American Amber Ale pours into your glass a satisfying amber color with a burst of carbonation and a subtle off-white head. That head will turn into slight lacing as you enjoy the caramel sweet aroma with a touch of grassy hops. Expect much the same from the flavor, as the blend of quality malts tempt your taste buds to indulge. The sharpness kicks in at the end and lingers just long enough to convince you that another sip is a great idea.

This is the style of beer that you want to pour into a glass and enjoy with all of your senses. It looks as refreshing as it tastes, so you won't have to wonder why this is a bestselling Rogue beer.

Marble Brewery, Albuquerque NM. - Wildflower Wheat
Are you ready to kick off your sandals and dance in the grass? The Marble Brewery in New Mexico created the perfect beer for those sunny days when you're all set to let your hair down and have a bit of fun. They call it Wildflower Wheat, and it's an unfiltered brew that will fill your favorite beer glass with sunshine yellow and a tall layer of bright white foam. This is an American Wheat Ale, so it incorporates American Ale yeast as well as Crystal hops and a blend of Two-Row, Honey and Wheat malts. There are also a couple of surprise ingredients that give this beer a distinctive edge. Those ingredients are coriander and wildflower honey sourced from the brewery's local community. With 5.6 percent ABV, this is a light beer that's likely to do more refreshing than intoxicating. It's the kind of beer that you take your time sipping while partaking in conversation with friends or someone entirely new. It's the perfect beer to fill your cooler at a picnic or backyard barbecue, and it should make an appearance when you host an outdoor dinner or luncheon at your home.

Goose Island Brewing Company, Chicago IL. - 312 Urban Wheat Ale
In 2006, the Goose Island Beer Company took home a gold medal in the English-Style Summer Ale category at the Great American Beer Festival. This was only a hint of the greatness to come from their 312 Urban Wheat Ale. The smooth, refreshing ale would continue on to win two more gold medals and a bronze from the Festival as well as a silver medal from the World Beer Cup. Perhaps the magic is in the creamy texture that slides down your throat with ease. Maybe it's the spicy aroma that is drenched in powerful hops. Most would agree that it has something to do with the citrusy flavor that is well-balanced and rich with fruity highlights.

312 Urban Wheat Ale is brewed with Mount Hood, Cascade and First Gold hops. The balance comes from the addition of Torrified Wheat and Two-Row malts, and many drinkers appreciate that the ABV is kept to just over four percent. For a beer that was inspired by the Windy City of Chicago, this Wheat Ale does a great job of blowing most beer enthusiasts away.

Flying Dog Brewery, Frederick MD. - Doggie Style Pale Ale
We all have at least one friend who can go with the flow and is always up for anything. In the beer world, that friend is Doggie Style Pale Ale from the Flying Dog Brewery. While it goes well with a juicy hamburger with all the fixings, it fits just as nicely on the dinner table when you're serving Thai or roast beef. It can even fit with a summer salad, making this the type of beer that you keep around for spur-of-the-moment drinking sessions. When you pop the top and pour it into a glass, the celebration begins with a light citrus aroma, but it has a grassy quality that gives it a little character. Perfume hops are also used to distinguish the aroma of this American Ale. Doggie Style Pale Ale won its first award in 1999 when it took home the silver medal as one of the top English-Style Pale Ales at the Great American Beer Festival. In 2010, the Flying Dog Brewery had more reason to celebrate when the brew was awarded a silver European Beer Star in the category of English-Style Pale Ale. Even the New York Times has stood up for Doggie Style at one point in time, naming it best American Pale Ale in the United States.

New Belgium Brewing Co, Fort Collins CO. - Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA
Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA offers one of the most generous alcohol volumes for the Voodoo Ranger line. The ABV is 9 percent, which is nearly double the 5 percent ABV that comes with another product in this New Belgium Brewing Company beer collection. What holds true to form is the pattern of starting out on a sweet note and allowing the bitterness to grow as the beer settles into your mouth and ventures down your throat. You may first notice the sweet malts and the fruity nature of the beer, but you will have the pleasant experience of a bitter ending with every bottle. While this is designed as a laid-back beer that you can enjoy in a variety of settings, the bitterness created by the hops and the higher alcohol content may lead many drinkers to take caution. While you may reach for other Voodoo Ranger beer varieties for a fun party, you may consider Voodoo Ranger Imperial IPA your go-to beer for relaxing at home with just one or two bottles at the end of a long day. When you do bring it out for a celebration, the party's going to new heights with the first sip.

Anchor Brewing Company, San Francisco, CA. - Go West IPA
Perhaps California was once full of whiskey, women, and gold, but you now have another reason to Go West. It comes in a fat brown bottle with an artistic label featuring elephants, which are representative of the historical Gold Rush. It fills your nose with a tropical breeze complete with invigorating citrus and comforting pine. It touches your tongue with the bitterness expected of a proper India Pale Ale. It delivers a clean finish to every sip, freeing your palate to enjoy another round. It's called Go West! IPA, and it's produced by Anchor Brewing straight out of San Francisco. Traveling west to California isn't as alluring today as it was during the Gold Rush, but you don't have to take the journey to enjoy a brisk glass of IPA. Find a bottle of Go West! IPA and unleash the western spirit in your favorite drinking spot. The Brewers used a combination of Apollo and Bravo hops with four select dry hops and then sweetened the pot with Two-Row Pale malts. The result is a brave new brew that celebrates the adventurous spirit of early pioneers. It's just what you need to pioneer a little excitement into your world. When life gets you down, just Go West.

New Belgium Brewing Co, Fort Collins CO. - Tartastic Lemon Ginger Sour Ale
You don't need a slice of fresh lemon to make your lips pucker. The Brewers at New Belgium included fresh lemon and ginger in their Lemon Ginger Sour Ale, so you get the pucker you crave along with a little sweetness and a satisfying wallop of bitterness. Upon the first sip, you may think that a thunderstorm has blown through your mouth. This storm starts with a strong sour taste, but the winds of sweetness are quick to rush in. It all ends with a gentle rain of bitterness. You're left with that lip-puckering sourness and a sense of after-the-storm refreshment. This is a sour ale, but it's also easy to drink. Fresh lemon and ginger come together to create the ultimate blend of sweet and sour, but the Nugget hops are strong enough to slip in that bitter zing toward the end of each sip. This brew is light on alcohol and generous with the layered aroma, including a strong citrus scent backed by touches of honey, ginger and something grainy. It pours into your glass straw yellow with an intense sheen, and a crown of bubbling white foam predicts the storm of flavor to come.

Mendocino Brewing Co, Hopland, CA. - Lake Shore Hefeweizen
The Brewers at the Mendocino Brewing Company crafted their Lake Shore Hefeweizen in honor of Lake Mendocino, which is located less than 10 miles from their brewery in sunny California. The lake lifestyle is all about relaxing in the sun, gliding over the water and sipping well-crafted beers that are light and refreshing. It's the perfect way to forget about the stressful moments of life, but you don't need a lake to enjoy a bottle of this classic German-styled brew. When refreshment and relaxation are what you crave, pour this unfiltered beer into a glass and kick your feet up. The flavor profile will remind you of the crisp water and the warm sunshine regardless of your current location.

This beer is crafted from 50 percent wheat malt, which gives it incredible smoothness and full, rich body. Authentic German Hefeweizen yeast infuses the flavor profile with layers of clove and banana while just a touch of Willamette and Apollo hops deliver a crisp, refreshing ending. This is the type of beer that you enjoy cold and fresh, and it just might become a summertime staple in your household. Kick back and infuse your life with a bit of the lake lifestyle.