Beer Gift Baskets

Beer Gift Baskets

Beer connoisseurs will enjoy receiving our specially packed beer gift baskets featuring the highest quality selections of classic American craft brews along with unique imports. We invite you to find a gift that suits your particular budget and provide great fun for the beer lovers in your life. Shop for Birthday's or just because you are thinking of them.

Beer Gift Baskets for Gift Giving

Cheer for the big game. Cheer up after a heartbreak, a tragedy or an unfortunate experience. Cheer on your best friend, the best man or the best father ever. There are few things that you can count on to show up for every important moment in your life, but your favorite beer is one of those things. Whether you're toasting to your 20-year anniversary, roasting your best friend on his 21st birthday or coasting through one of the most emotional days of your life, a bottle of cold beer fits the occasion. At BeerGifts.com, the mission is to make the gift of beer as convenient as possible. Whether you're traveling around the world, chasing down your first real job, romancing someone special or welcoming a new addition to the family, there are times when your body will wander from the people you love. That doesn't mean that your heart and soul have to wander, and a beer basket is the perfect way to say "I'm right there with you."

Cheers for Everyone, Every Occasion

There are gift baskets for bridal showers, gift baskets for romance, gift baskets for professional acquaintances and gift baskets that say, "I'm sorry." Then there are Beer Baskets suitable for everyone at any time, regardless of the occasion. Send your lover a basket of Budweiser to get Friday night started off right. Congratulate your best friend on a job well done with an array of imports. Give your mother something to celebrate, your father a moment to remember and your sister a touch of the good times. If they're of drinking age, and they appreciate the comfort that comes when the top is popped and the bottle tips up, a basket of beer and gourmet snacks will always hit the spot.

Cheers to Quality

Have some fun browsing well-designed baskets filled with authentic name brand beers and gourmet-quality snacks. From the cheese sticks and the almonds to the pretzels and the cashews, each basket is filled to the brim with treats that complement the beer of your choice. Shop in confidence, knowing that we carefully source our products to deliver fresh quality with every beer gift. When you want to select the perfect gift to make just the right impression, our baskets will accommodate your needs. We strive to satisfy every customer, from the beer connoisseur to the occasional drinker. Here's to appreciating life's little moments and making big moments magical. Cheers to you.

All Your Favorites – In One Convenient Spot

BeerGifts.com is your one-stop shop for beer gift baskets that suit every taste preference. Whether you're searching for proven brands like Corona and Heineken or you want to sweeten the deal with the fruits and spices of Fat Tire, you'll find the perfect gift basket right here. Deliver your local pub experience with a basket of microbrew or take it international with classic imported brew. Wherever your life takes you, there's always a way to reach the ones you love.

Classic Brews you will find in our Baskets

Anchor Brewing, San Francisco, CA. - Anchor Steam Beer
Some brewers stick to traditional brewing methods to create high-quality brew, but others spend decades perfecting their own methods. These are the brewers that craft unique beers that are difficult for rivals to top and near impossible for fans to turn down. If you want to taste what one of the most innovative breweries in the world can produce, you can't go wrong with Anchor Brewing. They're the San Franciscan brewers who developed the process of kräusening and produced the popular Anchor Steam Beer as a result of that process. They combine top-quality Two-Row Pale and Caramel malts, lager yeast, Northern Brewer hops and an open-air fermentation system to create a deep amber color that speaks to the complex flavor delivered in every bottle. You can expect a generous head of creamy foam that rises to the top of your glass, and malty sweetness touched off with the tang of citrus.

Deschutes Brewery, Bend OR. - Fresh Squeezed IPA
When you need to lighten the mood or brighten up your day, pour a tall glass of Fresh Squeezed IPA. Brewed year-round at the Deschutes Brewery in Oregon, this brew features a refreshing blend of Mosaic and Citra hops. While the grapefruit makes its presence known in the aroma and flavor, there's an overall citrusy appeal that is well blended, and that goes down smooth. It's like squeezing fresh oranges and grapefruits to create a tangy juice, but you don't have to do the work, and the alcohol content is far more rewarding. Nugget hops are thrown into the mix as well while Crystal, Munich and Pale malts put the final touch on the recipe. When you have a moment to refresh, you can expect a medium body with so much citrus that you'll want to drink a bottle with your breakfast. Consider it orange juice for the adults.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Chico, Ca. - Pale Ale
Pale Ale is the beer that started it all for the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company. Ken Grossman launched the company in 1979. He tested his equipment with a stout that is still on the market today, but it wasn't until this hoppy Pale Ale was released in 1980 that Sierra Nevada started to make an impression on the beer industry. They remain one of the leading American beer brands today, and this all-natural ale continues to refresh and energize beer enthusiasts as well as occasional drinkers. It starts with an aroma of grapefruit and pine and finishes with the power of Cascade hops. Brewed with a combination of Cascade, Perle and Magnum hops and a blend of two well-chosen malts, this is the perfect beer to accompany a light summer salad. It can also lighten the load when you indulge in steak with a side of veggies.

Santa Fe Brewing Co. Santa Fe, NM. - Santa Fe Pale Ale
If you need proof that this is an outstanding American ale, consider the fact that it has landed the Santa Fe Brewing Company two Best of the Rockies awards as well as two medals from the North American Beer Awards. The Two-Row Pale, Crystal and Carastan malts definitely make themselves known in the aroma as well as flavor. That's okay because the Santa Fe brewers made sure that the Willamette, Cascade and Cluster hops deliver a bite that you can't overlook. This creates an amber-colored brew that you'll want to share with your friends on pizza night. Since it's just as flavorful straight out of the bottle as it is when poured into a glass, it's the perfect brew to stock your cooler for tailgating or a football party. It can balance perfectly with anything that packs a flavorful punch, so combine it with your spiciest recipe when placing it on the dinner table.

Rogue Brewing Co. Newport, OR. - Dead Guy Ale
Rogue Dead Guy Ale is a German Maibock style with deep honey color and a malty aroma. This style of beer is hearty in richness and well balanced at the end.

Gordon Biersch Brewing Company San Jose, CA. - Blonde Bock
Bock is a dark beer with intense flavor that is traditionally a seasonal delight, but the Gordon Biersch Brewing Company offers their Blonde Bock all year long. While many beers blend the sweetness of the malts with the bitterness of the hops, this brew allows the sweet and the bitter to coexist in harmony. The hops make an instant appearance when you take a sip, but then the mildly sweet malts take over. Each taste finishes with a blast of hops in all their citrusy glory. This creates complex flavor that contrasts with the simple glow of the yellow color. If you're a fan of creamy beers with a tall cap of foam, you may enjoy the ivory foam that rises to your glass as you pour this smooth beer. This is a good brew to sip while eating dessert, but it also works well with fried chicken and other salty dishes.

Deschutes Brewery Bend, OR. - Twilight Summer Ale
Good things come out in the sunlight, and that includes Twilight Summer Ale from the Deschutes Brewery in Bend, Oregon. While the brew includes a combination of four hop varieties, it's the Amarillo hops that jump out and take the lead. Northern Brewer, Tettnang, and Cascade hops are central to the flavor profile as well, but bitterness never overtakes the sweetness that comes from Carapils, Munich, Crystal and Pale malts. Like all exceptional summer ales, you can expect to taste the citrus highlights when you relax with a glass of Twilight, and the complexity of grapefruit pairs well with the dominant hops in this light beer recipe. Add an interesting bottle label that instantly puts you in the mood for a day outdoors, and it's clear why this Deschutes beer has won 10 awards. This includes two gold medals from the U.S. Open Beer Championship and two golds from the European Beer Star.

Abbey Beverage Company Abiquiu, NM. - Monks Ale
Monks' Ale follows the ages of an old tradition of monastic brewers in Europe. A lighter variation of the Belgian pale ale it is made with pilsner hops. Pairs well with the white meats and seafood and cheeses and fruits. Color is light in copper and carries the finest ingredients including three European hops, and malted barleys tat originated in Belgian and North America.

Stone Brewing Co. Escondido CA. - India Pale Ale
Turn up the hops and put the alcohol on overdrive because the Stone Brewing Company is ready to put on a show for IPA fans. Their passionate brewers spared no expense when steeping their India Pale Ale with Azacca, Calypso, Centennial, Chinook, Ella, Magnum, Motueka and Vic Secret hops. That's a powerful combination that cranks up the hop intensity in terms of flavor as well as aroma. Even though the hops are put in check just slightly by a touch of malts, this is a brew that allows the hoppy bitterness to jump out at your nose the moment you open a bottle. You may enjoy the refreshing burst of pine, but take a good whiff to savor the hints of tropical and citrus fruits as well. The complex flavor has a fruity essence that may even please your sweet side. What else would you expect from one of America's leading IPAs?

New Belgium Brewing Company, Fort Collins CO. - Snapshot Wheat
Just when you think you've found another mild wheat beer that you can enjoy on a summer afternoon, Snapshot hits you with something so tart that your lips can't help but pucker. The New Belgium Brewing Company expanded their brewing process in order to craft this unusually zingy beer. They started by combining Wheat and Pale malts with Cascade hops, but they added a new step to incorporate souring bacteria known as lactobacillus. This is what allows the beer to start out with a tender sweetness and end with a punch of sour that will make your eyes widen in excitement. Coriander is the secret ingredient for that sweet beginning, and the brewers added grains of paradise to make the final product sing. Snapshot Wheat is the kind of beer that you slowly savor, drop by drop. It delivers a light aroma of citrus fruits and pours into your glass sunshine yellow with a head of white foam. That tart quality will bring a smile to your face in the darkest of times, but it's also the recipe for a great time on a cheerful day.

Kona Brewing Company, Kailua-Kona, HI - Pipeline Porter
Pipeline Porter was inspired by the massive, curling waves of the Bonzai Pipeline and other hot surfing destinations in Oahu, Hawaii. Using their knowledge of the island and the sport, the professionals at the Kona Brewing Company set out to create a smooth beer that surfers might enjoy on the sandy shores just before paddling out in search of a big wave. The result was a rich beer that pours into your glass a deep brown, but it's just as satisfying when savored straight from the bottle. The star ingredient is Hawaiian Kona coffee, and it plays well with the Willamette and Millennium hops. Add a mix of Roasted Barley, Caramel, Chocolate and Premium Two-Row Pale malts, and you have intense flavor that mimics the rush of adrenaline that surfers experience when coming out of those impressive Hawaiian waves. This is a smooth dark brew with tons of a character. The aroma will grab your interest, and the flavor will hold you hostage to the last drop.