Beer Gift Baskets

Beer Gift Baskets

Beer Gift Baskets for Gift Giving

BeerGifts.com creates each gift basket with the highest quality beers and sources just the right gourmet snacks to compliment. Ideal for many occasions that include Father's Day, Birthdays and client fun. Our baskets outshine other gift packers in the United States. For all the beer lover's in your life select a gift for seasonal fun or just because you are thinking of them.

Wanted: all beer connoisseurs

Beer connoisseurs will enjoy receiving our specially packed gift baskets featuring selections from Corona, Fat Tire, Budweiser, Heineken, Guinness along with unique American craft brews to classic imports. Our gift baskets with beer are priced reasonably to suit all levels of budgets for gift giving. We invite you to find a gift that suits your particular budget and provide great fun for the beer connoisseurs in your life.

Classic Brews you will find in our Baskets

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Chico, Ca. - Pale Ale
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale has a deep amber color and full-bodied flavor with a complex character. Find a fragrant bouquet and spicy flavor with the best use of Cascade hops. Delightful and classically made in Pale Ale form.

Santa Fe Brewing Co. Santa Fe, NM. - Santa Fe Pale Ale
A full-bodied robust beer with a well-balanced combination of a Pilsner maltiness accentuated by German yeast. Winner of many awards including Best of the Rockies, Southwest Region in the US Beer Tasting Championship for Pale Ale category. Unique for an American Pale Ale!

Rogue Brewing Co. Newport, OR. - Dead Guy Ale
Rogue Dead Guy Ale is a German Maibock style with deep honey color and a malty aroma. This style of beer is hearty in richness and well balanced at the end.

Gordon Biersch Brewing Company San Jose, CA. - Blonde Bock
A beer brewed by Gordon Biersch Brewing Company, the Blonde Bock is represented by a male goat that in German lore represents strength and virility. Bock Beers must have a pre-fermentation malt sugar. Strong beers made popular in the 1600's by monks to minimize hunger during fasting periods. While most hocks are dark, Bold Bock is golden-colored and malty with a rich, creamy head.

Deschutes Brewery Bend, OR. - Twilight Summer Ale
A Summer beer that is crisp and clean with a malt body of distinction. Refreshing hops with boldness from Amarillo! Enjoy with Seafood dishes!

Abbey Beverage Company Abiquiu, NM. - Monks Ale
Monks' Ale follows the ages of an old tradition of monastic brewers in Europe. A lighter variation of the Belgian pale ale it is made with pilsner hops. Pairs well with the white meats and seafood and cheeses and fruits. Color is light in copper and carries the finest ingredients including three European hops, and malted barleys tat originated in Belgian and North America.