Beer of the Month Clubs

Beer of the Month Clubs

Each month beer club members will receive four different selections, three of each (12 total) of 12 ounce fresh bottled microbrews from award winning American microbreweries. Along with the beer comes our monthly brew newsletter. Included is information on the featured breweries for the month, their beer tasting notes, food pairings, and other beer related articles. All Beer of the Month Clubs are Shipped via Ground Delivery Only. Shipments will arrive the last week of each month. Prior to the first shipment each beer club member will receive a custom gift card via US Mail notifying them of their membership plus any message you would like to add.  View Featured Beers for February 2017

Craft Beer Clubs - Always Free Shipping

Not so long ago, the palette of the average American did not quite understand all of the different styles of beer that are popular throughout the world. However, a renaissance among small, independent brewers, often referred to as craft brewers or microbrewers, has expanded the knowledge and tastes of U.S. beer drinkers. Rather than choose from a handful of American lagers that largely have the same flavor profile and a few select imports, beer enthusiasts across the country are now enjoying a wide selection of different styles.

If you enjoy a bottle of beer or know someone who does, an excellent way to try out a full range of beers from craft breweries across the country is to join a beer of the month club. Craft beer clubs send you a selection of bottled beers directly to your doorstep every 30 days. The specific brands and brews vary each month, allowing you to make amazing new discoveries you would have never known existed.

One of the types of beer that has recently become extremely popular is India pale ale (IPA). IPA was invented nearly 200 years ago by the British, and it was crafted in order to survive long trips in supply ships headed for India. However, this single style can have hundreds of different flavor profiles depending on the amounts and types of malt and hops used in the brewing process.

In addition to IPAs, a beer of the month club can expose you to many more styles, and each one is uniquely different depending on who crafts it. Pale ale, nut brown ale, porter, stout, Irish red ale, Scottish ale, hefeweizen and saison are just a sample of the styles that you will receive when you join a beer of the month club at BeerGifts.com.

BeerGifts.com is proud to offer beer of the month clubs that run for various lengths of time, from three months to 12 months at three-month intervals. This allows you give the gift of beer no matter what your budget is. You will receive three bottles each of four different beers to try, giving you a total of 12 bottles every month.

Craft Beers Featured in our past Monthly Brew Clubs

Choc Beer Co. - Basement Batch

When you take a drink of Basement Batch from Choc Beer, the battle for your taste buds begins. On one side, you have Cascade and Centennial hops. On the other side, you have Munich and Caramel malts. The hops jump out right away, stealing your attention with earthy flavors. The malts aren't far behind with a delicate sweetness that threatens to win you over. This battle can continue bottle after bottle, but your taste buds will always come back to the hops. You'll enjoy grapefruit and other citrus influences along with touches of pine, nuts and spicy pepper. It ends with a dry bitterness that delivers the victory to the hops.

Choc Beer Co. - Miner Mishap

Miner Mishap offers the carbonated fizz, deep brown coloring and tan foam that comes with a tall glass of soda, but it delivers a punch of German Perle hops that you won't get in a soda bottle. Those hops are balanced out with Carafa, Weyermann Pils, and Munich malts to create a smooth black beer crafted in the German style. Sourced from a homebrew recipe, this beer offers a deep aroma with chocolate, plum and citrus notes. When it hits your palate, you'll detect coffee and chocolate right off. The mint and black licorice add complexity to the brew, and it's all topped off by a slight bitterness. If you mistake this for your favorite soda, just smile and consider it a Miner Mishap.

The Matt Brewing Co. - Saranac IPA

If you're trying to keep everything in your life as simple as possible, pick up a bottle of Saranac India Pale Ale from Matt Brewing. While many craft beers now contain a long list of hops and malts, this beer keeps it simple with Cascade hops and North American 2-Row Pale Malts. Before you assume that simple is bland or boring, let us reassure you that Saranac explodes with hops from the first to last sip. It has a spicy quality that hits your nose first, warning your taste buds of what's to come. With an ample crown of creamy foam, this simple beer could easily serve as your dessert.

The Matt Brewing Co. - Saranac Black & Tan

When Saranac Irish Stout is allowed to mingle with amber lager, you get a delicious spin on the traditional Black & Tan brew. The Brewers at Matt Brewing combined Willamette hops with Roasted Barley, Chocolate, and Caramel malts to craft a blended beer with a giant topping of creamy foam. The fruity tones of the malts play nicely with the citrus zing provided by the hops, and the blend of apple, coffee, and milk chocolate is surprisingly enjoyable for many fans. The flavors do contrast, but it's what you crave when other beers start to all taste the same.

Abita Brewing Company - Jockamo IPA

Brewed in New Orleans with Columbus and Willamette hops, Jockamo IPA will quench your thirst for bitterness while providing enough grainy sweetness for a palatable balance. Caramel and 2-Row Pale malts join the party, creating a satisfying brew that you can add to the table when serving spicy meals. You may also bring it out for your Mardi Gras-style festivities. The drinking experience starts with a floral aroma with ample citrus highlights and ends with a dry touch of hops. In between, you may enjoy layered flavors of tobacco, pears, apples and a touch of grass.

Abita Brewing Company - Turbo Dog

The Abita Brewing Company toasted to their four-year anniversary in 1990, and they created this dark brown ale to make the celebration more memorable. While many anniversary beers are quickly pushed into the background of a fast-paced beer market, Turbo Dog rose to the top. It remains one of the most popular beers from Abita Brewing due to its intense color, generous head, and chocolatey flavor. It may remind you of a sweet toffee but still pairs well with a variety of foods. The recipe includes Willamette hops with Caramel, Chocolate, and 2-Row Pale malts.

Mercury Brewing Company - Ipswich Nut Brown Ale

Fire up a cigar and top your pint glass with Ipswich Nut Brown Ale. This complex brew features noticeable tobacco flavor along with sweet grains and a hint of nuts in the background. If you tend to enjoy your beer with your nose first, Mercury Brewing won't let you down with a layered aroma. You may notice apples or the floral notes first, but keep sniffing to detect the gingerbread, caramel, citrus fruits, and floral accents. These satisfying layers are created through the combination of Tettnang and Cascade hops with Pale, Caramel, Victory and Special Roast malts. With an ABV of 5 percent and a pleasant sweetness, this is an easy-going beer suitable for light drinking occasions.

Mercury Brewing Company - Ipswich Original Ale

If you want to treat your taste buds to one of the best English-style pale ales brewed in the U.S., many would argue that Ipswich Original Ale from Mercury Brewing is the best option. Named as one of the top 10 beers in the country by a leading wine magazine, this brew is complex from the aroma to the flavor profile. Your nose may pick up on hints of grape, honey, grass and pepper while your taste buds detect citrus fruits and a strong malty sweetness. The recipe includes Perle hops and a combination of Pilsen, Pale, and Whole Wheat malts, and the ABV is under five percent.

Otter Creek Brewing Company - Pale Ale

While many breweries are busy combining hop varieties to create dominant bitter flavors, the Brewers at Otter Creek in Vermont are placing a spotlight on one noteworthy variety. They allow Cascade hops to take the lead in their Pale Ale, but they take care to provide enough Crystal and 2-Row malts to provide a delicate balance. This is an amber ale that pours like gold into your glass. While the aroma delivers a bite of bitterness, you can expect the floral and citrus hop notes to balance more evenly with the sweet malts on your taste buds. This is an easy-drinking filtered beer with an ABV under 5 percent.

Otter Creek Brewing Company - Copper Ale

If you prefer your beer to start out sweet and then slap you with a manageable shot of bitterness, you're the ideal Copper Ale consumer. This amber ale features an ABV of approximately five percent and starts out with a soft sweetness that boasts apricot highlights. Just as you think the sip is over, you get that bitter ending that only Tettnang, Chinook and Hallertau hops can provide. The sweetness comes from a blend of roasted Barley, Caramel, 2-Row Pale, Carapils and Munich malts, and the recipe also calls for a proprietary yeast strain.

Left Hand Brewing Company - Deep Cover

When the Left Hand Brewing Company opened for business in 1990, they were already pedaling their Deep Cover Brown Ale. The brew remains one of the top sellers today and offers a low ABV that makes it suitable for everyday drinking as well as celebrations that call for endless libations. What you may first notice when pouring Deep Cover into a glass is the enormous brown head that overwhelms the ale hiding below. Once you raise that glass to your lips, it's the combination of U.S. Goldings hops and a blend of premium malts that will steal your attention. Get ready for syrupy sweetness embellished by peppery hop undertones.

Left Hand Brewing Company - Sawtooth ESB

The Brewers at Left Hand use their customized malts to create this American-style Extra Special Bitter, but they also toss in a generous helping of Munich, Pale Two-Row, and Crystal malts. When you add Cascade, U.S. Goldings, Magnum and Fuggles hops to the mix, you come out with a well-balanced beer that is light enough to enjoy almost anywhere and at any time. There's an earthy quality to this beer that puts the spicy hops on display, but those malts do their job backing that up with a caramel sweetness.

Sherwood Forest Brewery - Friar's Belgian-Style White Ale

The outlook for your next beer-guzzling session is cloudy with a strong chance of citrus winds. When you pour a tall glass of Friar's Belgian-Style White Ale, the deep orange liquid will hit your glass with a cloudy appearance and a bit of sediment dropping to the bottom. The white foam will rise to the top, delivering a strong scent of orange and coriander with something sour lingering in the distance. This brew is crafted with Wheat and 2-Row Pils malts, so expect the wheat to take center stage once you lift the glass to your lips. Bananas, apples and other fruit flavors will play with your taste buds as well, but the blend of orange peels, coriander, and Amarillo hops is what you'll remember after the last sip.

Sherwood Forest Brewery - Sheriff's India Pale Ale

The sheriff is in town, and he has something special for your best pint glass. Whether you're up for a quick taste or you want to make a night of it, this IPA will remind you of a good ol' cop and robber chase. The sheriff starts out strong with a burst of bitterness hits your palate, but the bad guy steals the show just long enough to deliver highlights of citrus and a little something sweet. In the end, the sheriff gets the lead and finishes with another zing of bitter hops. Consider this a chase around your taste buds courtesy of Amarillo, Centennial and Cascade hops with a touch of Wheat, 2-Row Pils, and Crystal malts.

Sweetwater Brewing Co - SweetWater Georgia Brown

When you're ready to get a little nutty, snap open the SweetWater Georgia Brown. Crafted by the Sweetwater Brewing Company in Atlanta, Georgia, this is a light beer that will whip your tongue into shape with unexpected flavor. The recipe includes Willamette and Columbus hops as well as a powerful combination of Chocolate, Victory, 2-Row Pale, Black and Crystal malts. Those malts do most of the singing with sweetness that may remind you of maple syrup, but there's a nutty quality that may also bring almonds to mind. The coffee undertones offer just enough bitterness to create a well-rounded brew suitable for a spot by the cheese platter or simply in your hand any day of the week.

Sweetwater Brewing Co - SweetWater 420 Extra Pale Ale

Give your pale ale a little something extra by drinking with the Sweetwater Brewing Company. Their 420 Extra Pale Ale is a little like a fruit salad in your glass with clear highlights of grapefruit, passion fruit, and mango. It's also a well-balanced brew that encourages the intense hop-infused notes to play nicely with the sweetness of caramelized grains. The recipe calls for Centennial and Cascade hops as well as Crystal and 2-Row Pale malts, but it's the hops that tend to take the lead from the first good whiff to the final swallow. This is an east-coast extra pale ale that encourages you to drink up in true west-coast style.

Atwater Block Brewery - Vanilla Java Porter

If you enjoy beers with experimental ingredients, step right up to a large glass of Vanilla Java Porter. As the name implies, this brew is crafted with coffee beans and vanilla as well as a select combination of malts and hops. The drinking experience starts with the bold aroma of roasted coffee and ends with an intense coffee and dark chocolate flavor profile underlined by the sweetness of vanilla. You may feel like you're waking up to a great new day, but the alcohol gives you a feel-good punch suitable for relaxing afternoons, celebratory nights or early morning treats.

Atwater Block Brewery - Atwater Pilsner

If you prefer to keep your beer simple and bursting with flavor, sign up for a tasting of Atwater Pilsner. The Brewers at Atwater Block stuck with Tettnang hops and Pilsner malts, resisting the urge to add a variety of strains or specialty ingredients like many modern brew recipes. This simple beer delivers a light, sweet flavor with undertones of fruit and grassy malts. It also offers a clean aroma layered with floral, grassy, grainy and herbal highlights. This is a versatile beer that fits well with any drinking situation from upscale dinners to super casual parties and everything in between.

Lakefront Brewing Co - Lakefront White Beer

The typical white beer delivers a bite of tartness that is characteristic of the style, but the Lakefront Brewers gave their version a fresh spin. While that tartness is in there, the flavor profile is more on the bitter side. The Sterling and Glacier hops are dominant, but you still get some complexity from the combination of wheat flakes, oat flakes, Pale Wheat malts and 2-Row Pal malts. The texture has a bit of graininess, and the aroma delivers pure satisfaction with a blend of citrus, cloves, and coriander. Get ready for a white beer that breaks the mold.

Lakefront Brewing Co - Eastside Dark

What can you serve at a dinner party with lamb or beef and then pull out on a relaxing evening as you sit by the fire with a fine cigar? Eastside Dark from the Lakefront Brewing Company is a versatile lager that goes well with both of these scenarios. The recipe mixes Mt. Hood hops with a blend of five malts, including chocolate. The resulting flavor is quite complex with prominent notes of coffee and a creamy sweetness hanging in the background. You may also pick up on the touch of lemon zest. The ending note is always on the bitter side, so prepare for an ending that is sure to impress.