Beer of the Month Clubs
Beer Club - 12 Months - FREE SHIPPING
Beer of the Month Club - 12 Months

Beer Club - 12 Months - FREE SHIPPING


12 Months of Microbrews from independent breweries across the United States. Each month beer club members will receive four different selections, three of each (12 total) of 12 ounce fresh bottled beer. A creative gift idea for the beer lover in your life. Perfect for Birthdays, Graduation, Thank You and just because. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on every order.

Along with the beer comes our monthly microbrew newsletter. Included is information on the featured breweries for the month, their beer tasting notes, beer and food pairing suggestions and other beer related information to help you enjoy your membership.

All Beer of the Month Clubs are Shipped via Ground Delivery Only. Shipments will arrive the last week of each month. Prior to the first shipment each beer club member will receive a custom gift card via US Mail notifying them of their membership plus any gift message you add while checking out. View Featured Beer List

IMPORTANT: You must be 21 years or older to order and receive this product. An adult signature is required upon delivery.
PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship Beer of the Month Clubs to the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, & Utah

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Top Craft Beers you will find in our Monthly Clubs

Abita Brewing Co - Abita Turbodog

Don't get in a hurry to guzzle down your first glass of Turbodog. Take a moment to savor the intense aroma, which layers cocoa, coffee, nuts and even some notes of scorched sugar. The aroma offers a toasted quality that will make you want to keep inhaling. The Chocolate malts dominate the flavor, but you can expect the Pale and Caramel malts to contribute as well as the Willamette hops. Abita Turbodog was released in 1990 in honor of the Abita Brewing Company's fourth birthday, but it quickly became a fan favorite. Once you experience the deep brown color, the tall head of tan foam and the interesting aroma, you'll understand why.

Abita Brewing Co - Abita Wheat

There's always room in the cooler for a crisp, refreshing summertime brew, so slip in some Abita Wheat. This is an authentic Wheat Lager that pours a pale yellow with some haze and a pristine white head. The color is perfect for a day in the sun, and the strong aroma with highlights of wheat malts and fresh grain only makes it more fitting. Give your glass a good swirl to intensify the hops, and then bring it to your lips to experience the satisfying flavor of grains. This is a well-balanced beer that hits home with sweetness from White Wheat and Pilsner malts and bitterness from German Perle and Apollo hops.

Appalachian Brewing Co - Jolly Scott Scottish Style Ale

Go back in time to experience beer as the Scots originally intended. This satisfying ale pours into your glass a deep brown with red highlights, and it's clear with light carbonation. The head bubbles up and then settles to a polite collar around the glass, allowing you to enjoy the well-balanced aroma and flavor. With a blend of Flaked, Wheat, Caramalt, Two-Row, Vienna, Crystal and Munich malts, you can expect intense sweetness balanced by Hallertau and Willamette hops. This is a fruity beer with a smoky quality, and you can taste the alcohol through the creamy texture.

Appalachian Brewing Co - Mountain Lager

With an ABV just under five percent and a smooth texture, Mountain Lager is the type of beer that encourages relaxation in any setting. The recipe calls for Two-Row, Munich and Vienna malts as well as Hallertau, and Tettnang hops. The drinking experience begins when you pour the sunshine yellow liquid into your glass and watch as the white head rises to the edge before dropping back to a slight collar. You're then free to take in the easy-going aroma, which puts the subtly sweet malts up front with hints of fruit and spice in the background. The flavor offers much the same as the malts take center stage.

Flying Dog Brewery - Road Dog Porter

When you're craving something sweet, and you don't want to go overboard with the alcohol, pour a tall glass of Road Dog Porter. It offers intense caramel coloring with a burst of light tan foam bubbling to the top of your glass. The carbonation is moderate, and the aroma gives just enough sweetness to interest the taste buds of most malt lovers. The flavor is on the sweet side with chocolate, floral and fruity undertones. This comes from the combination of Chocolate, Black and Crystal malts. Balance is offered by Cascade and Warrior hops, so you can look forward to a bitter ending.

Flying Dog Brewery - Garde Dog

Garde Dog is a Farmhouse Ale that offers a treat for your eyes, nose and taste buds. The drinking experience starts when you pour the golden amber brew into a glass and watch a mound of fluffy white foam bubble to the rim. As you sip, that foam will reduce to ample lacing that clings to your glass. When your eyes have had enough, take a moment to savor the earthy aroma that incorporates floral notes and hints of sweet fruits. Finally, the flavor unleashes a satisfying blend of bitterness and spiciness. This comes from the combination of Saaz and Perle hops with rye, wheat, biscuit and Two-Row Pale malts.

Mercury Brewing Company - Ipswich IPA

Modern IPAs are often big on herbal flavors and highly bitter, but prepare for something expected when you try Ipswich IPA. While Cascade and Columbus hops are included to provide that herbal touch and a bit of bitterness, the Roast, Carapils and Cara 30-37 malts are what really stand out in the aroma and flavor. You can look forward to a sweet aroma with just a touch of herbal hop goodness. This is followed by a bready flavor with a malt core and fruity undertones. With the bitterness kept in check, this remains an easy-drinking beer that you may want to enjoy at the end of a stressful day or in the company of entertaining companions.

Mercury Brewing Company - Ipswich Original Ale

Mercury brewers have proven that you don't need an elaborate list of exotic ingredients to satisfy beer lovers. They crafted their Ipswich Original Ale with Cara 30-37 malts, and a blend of Willamette and Nugget hops. While many brewers are now adding long lists of malts and hops to their recipes, this English-Style Pale Ale has won awards and widespread recognition with these three simple ingredients. You can look forward to amazing balance between the bitter hops and the sweet caramel malts. The flavor has a toasted quality that cuts through the sweetness, creating a beer that is easy to drink in a variety of settings. Ipswich is simple refreshment for your best beer mug.

Old Dominion Brewing Company - Oak Barrel Stout

If dark beers are your weakness, get ready to melt over this intensely black brew. Oak Barrel Stout boasts one of the darkest coloring on the market today, and every glass is topped off with a satisfying burst of foam. While it is a bit on the watery side, many dark brew lovers appreciate the explosive flavor with hints of chocolate, vanilla, and slightly burnt malts. The depth of flavor was intentionally intensified through dry hopping with oak wood and vanilla beans, so expect a woody character that blends nicely with the Mt. Hood and Magnum hops. Each sip ends with a lingering bitterness and a touch of smoke.

Old Dominion Brewing Company - Hop Mountain Pale Ale

This Pale Ale invites you to climb Hop Mountain and ease the stress of daily life. The recipe calls for Select, Magnum, and Nelson hops, and that is a powerful combination that leads to citric bitterness galore. You'll catch it right away in the aroma, which presents a refreshing fusion of orange, lemon, and floral notes. It's backed by a subtle malty sweetness that never challenges the power of those citrus hops. Hop Mountain offers a spike of bitterness that is never overpowering due to the juicy fruit notes and a quiet, toasted malt character. If you like your beer with a bitter punch and a fluffy pile of foam, you might enjoy a trip to the top of Hop Mountain.

Pennsylvania Brewing Company - Penn Märzen

Channel your inner malt freak with a tall glass of Penn Märzen. Every batch is brewed with a combination of Black, Munich, Euro Pilsen Two-Row and Cara-60 malts. This creates an aroma and flavor profile that may remind you of sweet bread, keeping the Hallertau Tradition and Hallertau Perle hops to the background. With a creamy head of foam covering a rich copper color, you can count on this beer to go down smooth while keeping the alcohol content to around five percent ABV. Start looking for this malt-licious brew in January, but don't delay the indulgence because distribution comes to an end in April.

Pennsylvania Brewing Company - Penn Weizen

If you're going to do time in the Penn, you might as well do it with an award-winning brew in hand. For six years in a row, Penn Weizen rose to the top of a competitive battlefield to claim its place as a U.S. Beer Tasting Champion. With other impressive awards to its credit, this is one unfiltered brew that will make you appreciate the power of a yeasty haze. You will pick up on hints of banana in the aroma, and that carries through to the bready texture and banana-rich flavor. With a hearty dose of Hallertau Perle hops and a blend of Euro Pilsen and wheat malts, this Penn brew may also satisfy your craving for a little spice.