Beer of the Month Clubs
Beer Club - 6 Months - FREE SHIPPING
Beer of the Month Club - 6 Months

Beer Club - 6 Months - FREE SHIPPING

Beer Club - 6 Months - FREE SHIPPING
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6 Months of Microbrews from independent breweries across the United States. Each month beer club members will receive four different selections, three of each (12 total) of 12 ounce fresh bottled beer. A creative gift idea for the beer lover in your life. Perfect for Birthdays, Graduation, Thank You and just because. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on every order.

Along with the beer comes our monthly microbrew newsletter. Included is information on the featured breweries for the month, their beer tasting notes, beer and food pairing suggestions and other beer related information to help you enjoy your membership.

All Beer of the Month Clubs are Shipped via Ground Delivery Only. Shipments will arrive the last week of each month. Prior to the first shipment each beer club member will receive a custom gift card via US Mail notifying them of their membership plus any gift message you add while checking out. View Featured Beers for Nov 2017

IMPORTANT: You must be 21 years or older to order and receive this product. An adult signature is required upon delivery.
PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship Beer of the Month Clubs to the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, & Utah

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Beer Club - 6 Months - FREE SHIPPING
Average rating:
1 reviews

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Beer Club - 6 Months - FREE SHIPPING
good gift
I purchased beer of the month for my son. He likes trying new beer flavors. He really liked the first month of beer . Excited for the next.

Past Beer of the Month Clubs Tasting Notes

Uinta Brewing Co - King's Peak Porter

King's Peak Porter offers layers of flavor and a rich aroma, but the low alcohol content is the pretty bow that makes the package more pleasing. This is the type of beer that you can enjoy one after another on a festive night, but you can still sit back and pick apart the aroma and flavor if you need a quiet moment. The Cascade, Chinook and Willamette hops make a bold appearance in the aroma, but your nose may also indulge in hints of chocolate, coffee and perhaps a bit of plum. The flavor profile is just as varied with chocolate, coffee, and citrus followed by dry finish.

Uinta Brewing Co - Solstice Kölsch-Style Ale

This is the kind of beer that can help you relax when you're tense or celebrate when you're in high spirits. It's light on the alcohol but never light on flavor. Expect an exquisite balance of sweetness and bitterness that makes it easy to tip your head back and take a hearty drink. The Tettnang, Vanguard, and Hallertau hops come through clearly in the aroma with touches of citrus, herbs, and florals. Throw in a touch of honey and a burst of carbonation, and you have a versatile beer that can please your nose, your eyes, and your palate.

John Brewers - Virgin Islands Island Summer Ale

Whip out the tequila and lime, but do it in true Virgin Islands style. Island Summer Ale is light and easy to drink, but it also has a toasty aroma that greets your nose with pepper and citrus highlights. You can expect much the same from the flavor profile, which allows the Munich, Two-Row Pale and Wheat malts to lead the charge. Brace yourself for a pinch of tartness that may make you pucker up with excitement. The creamy texture will coat your mouth while the golden yellow color and pile of festive foam lightens your mood.

John Brewers - Virgin Islands Liquid Sunshine Ale

When you fire up the grill, make sure to bring out the Liquid Sunshine. This is a light ale with five percent ABV and a hazy appearance that is quite appealing in a tall glass. When you pour this Belgian-style ale, expect a burst of foam followed by a spicy aroma drenched with citrus and touched off by coriander and orange zest. Perhaps some pear will get into the mix as well, setting you up to enjoy a blend of sweet malts and citrus highlights on the palate. You can also expect a subtle sourness that hits your throat lightly, and the heavy carbonation encourages a finishing bite.


Boulder Beer Co. - Flashback India Style Brown Ale

Start with an intense IPA loaded with Cascade hops. Add a dark brew sweetened by Gambrinus Honey, Chocolate, Belgian Biscuit and Pale malts. You now have one of the more successful hybrid craft beers to hit the American market. It's known as Flashback India-Style Brown Ale and comes in at nearly seven percent ABV. Showing its IPA roots, the beer leads with bitterness in aroma and flavor. The malts contribute a toasted character with sweet fruits and warm chocolate highlights. Crafted in celebration of the Boulder Beer Company's 30th anniversary, this is an IPA worthy of life's most celebratory moments.

Boulder Beer Co. - Never Summer Ale

While you're pulling out your coziest sweaters, make sure to stock up on Never Summer Ale. Brewed only in the wintertime, this addition to the Looking Glass Series offers a warm amber color with off-white foam and a sweet aroma featuring fruity highlights. You'll pick up on some spice in that aroma as well, but it's the fruity flavor with toasty accents that will make cuddling by the fire an enjoyable experience. The Cascade, Galena, and Willamette hops offer a pleasing dose of bitterness, but it's the English 70/80 Caramel and Domestic Pale malts that will win over your taste buds.

Woodstock Inn Brewery - Pemi Pale Ale

Pemi Pale Ale is an amber ale that pours a hazy orange with a thin topping of white foam. That foam will diminish to spotty lacing as you enjoy the malty flavor. Your taste buds may pick up on fruity highlights, but it's the bitter ending that will remind you of the Cascade, East Kent Goldings, and Cascade hops. If you enjoy inhaling before you taste, expect the Torrified Wheat, Pale and Crystal malts to take charge with a buttery character. The hops kick in some citric spice, and the herbal undertones are quite relaxing. With an ABV under six percent, this is a Pale Ale that you can enjoy in a variety of settings.

Woodstock Inn Brewery - Red Rack Ale

It's best to bring out the Red Rack Ale when you're in the mood for a glass of sweet malts. The recipe includes Chocolate, Caramalt, Pale, Crystal and Torrified Wheat malts, and that is what you primarily smell and taste from the first to last sip. The East Kent Goldings, Fuggles, Cascade, Mt. Hood and Willamette hops add a slight bitterness that serves well to balance out the sweetness, and every sip ends with a slightly bitter kick. With a tall head of fluffy foam and a clear red color, this is one beer that puts on a show before you even raise the glass to your lips.