Beer of the Month Clubs
Beer Club - 9 Months - FREE SHIPPING
Beer Club - 9 Months - FREE SHIPPING

Beer Club - 9 Months - FREE SHIPPING


9 Months of Microbrews from independent breweries across the United States. Each month beer club members will receive four different selections, three of each (12 total) of 12 ounce fresh bottled beer. A creative gift idea for the beer lover in your life. Perfect for Birthdays, Graduation, Thank You and just because. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on every order.

Along with the beer comes our monthly microbrew newsletter. Included is information on the featured breweries for the month, their beer tasting notes, beer and food pairing suggestions and other beer related information to help you enjoy your membership.

All Beer of the Month Clubs are Shipped via Ground Delivery Only. Shipments will arrive the last week of each month. Prior to the first shipment each beer club member will receive a custom gift card via US Mail notifying them of their membership plus any gift message you add while checking out. View Featured Beer List

IMPORTANT: You must be 21 years or older to order and receive this product. An adult signature is required upon delivery.
PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship Beer of the Month Clubs to the following states: Alabama, Alaska, Hawaii, Kentucky, Mississippi, & Utah

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Featured Craft Brews from our Monthly Beer Clubs

Cisco Brewers - Bailey's Blonde Ale

This Blonde Ale offers consistent sweetness, a punch of dominant hops and enough alcohol to keep you light on your feet all evening. The recipe combines Cascade and Centennial hops along with Carapils, Two-Row, and Wheat malts. The malts provide a subtle sweetness for the aroma and the flavor, but the hops aren't shy to jump in there and add some complexity. The aroma is malty sweet but features bursts of citrus and a fruity quality. The flavor offers a foundation of malts highlighted by a flourish of bitterness. Expect hazy sunshine when this brew is poured into a glass, and the heap of off-white foam is quite pleasant as well.

Cisco Brewers - Whale's Tale Pale Ale

Whales are known to kick the water with their powerful tails, but this one is about to kick you in the palate with a burst of sweetness. Whale's Tale Pale Ale does allow the Crystal 20/80, Carapils, Wheat and Two-Row malts to take over, but the Tettnang, Columbus and East Kent Golding hops make their presence known as well. It all starts with a sweet aroma balanced by citrus and herbal spice. The trend continues with a malt-drenched flavor highlighted by breakthrough notes of robust fruit and alcohol. The bitterness is consistent in the aroma and flavor, but the sweetness still dominates.

The Tied House Brewery - Coastal Fog IPA

Don't let the name of this brew fool you. The fog parts just in time to deliver a brilliantly clear copper color to your glass. This refreshing beer boasts a top of off-white foam and a sweet aroma that offers a subtle punch of herbs and citrus fruits. That is followed by a rich flavor that may make you think of fresh bread and a sweet fruit salad. The Cascade, Columbus, and Centennial hops do kick in with a generous helping of spice, but it's the Black, Chocolate, Two-Row and Crystal malts that dominate this crisp IPA.

The Tied House Brewery - Coastal Fog Amber Ale

If you need a good drink to clear the fog of stress from your mind, this is the Amber Ale for the job. With an ABV under five percent and a powerful blend of Two-Row, Chocolate, and Crystal malts, this is a sweet brew that will give you reason to sit back and forget about your troubles. The recipe also calls for Cascade and Magnum hops, so look for the citric acid and herbal notes penetrating the malty sweetness. It all starts with a clear amber color and a head of light foam, which quickly settles down to a subtle lacing along the edge of your glass. From the aroma to the flavor profile, this beer will show you how bitter hops and sweet malts can play nice.

Lakefront Brewing Co. - Fuel Cafe Coffee Stout

No kitchen is complete without a little coffee, and this beer is the perfect way to make sure that you're covered. The recipe uses coffee as the centerpiece, and it comes through in the aroma and flavor. You won't miss the blend of six malts as they linger in the background. You even get a slightly bitter finish from the addition of organic Perle hops, so this is a dynamic coffee brew that gives you something to look forward to from start to finish. Fuel Café Coffee Stout pours black with some brownish highlights, and a satisfying head of foam lingers to the end as light lacing.

Lakefront Brewery Co. - Lakefront IPA

Pour a glass of this brew, and bold herbal notes will jump out at your nose like any good IPA tends to do. You'll pick up on some pine, mint and citrus highlights before tipping the glass to savor those hops in liquid form. The Cargill Two-Row Pale malts are backed up by Dingemans Cara 45 and 20 malts, but the sweetness is more of an undertone that you may miss due to the explosion of hops in your mouth. This is an amber beer that presents with a hazy orange character, and you may appreciate the fluffy head of foam that reduces to a healthy collar.

RJ Rockers Brewing Company - Bell Ringer Ale

With an ABV of 8.5 percent, this is one beer that may get you ready to ring the bell and head home for a blissful crash. If you take it easy and enjoy the experience, you'll pick up on bold hop aromas with citrus notes and a rewarding herbal character. Don't let that aroma fool you because it's the blend of 60L Caramel, Two-Row Pale and Bonlander malts that are most prominent in the flavor. With brown sugar highlights and a bready sweetness, this is one smooth beer that may tempt you to have a few sips too many. Keep the alcohol content in mind because you want limited repercussions once the ring of the bell wears off.

RJ Rockers Brewing Company - Patriot Pale Ale

There are many ways to show your country that you care, but sipping through a full glass of Patriot Pale Ale is the most enjoyable option. It starts with a slight copper color that fills your glass with a pleasing haze, closely followed by a pile of off-white foam that drops back to subtle lacing. The aroma is dominated by the Cascade and Challenger hops, so expect a little aromatherapy with citrus highlights and subtle spice. On your tongue, it's the Bonlander, 40L Caramel and Two-Row Pale malts that will grab your attention. This is a well-balanced beer that will fill you with warmth and perhaps convince you to have another drink.