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Birthday Beer Gifts

Our Birthday beer gifts are ideally suited for the beer fan celebrating that special birthday this year!! Select from our fun assortments or go for something more kicked up with a variety of fun gourmet edibles. Gifts are filled with food inclusions of celebratory cookies, chocolates, nuts, chips and salsa treats.

Gifts for Birthday Celebrations

Beer is the perfect present for every kind of beer-lover. We have a good selection of classic birthday beer gifts corresponding to all sorts of themes most importantly birthdays. Our beer gifts are ideal for any time of the year and are an easy way to kick up any birthday party.

Our birthday gift options include many microbrew baskets, as well as several handmade craft brew gifts. Classic pub snacks are included as the perfect counterpart to your beer of choice and will be a hit at any birthday celebration. We also offer beer club memberships perfect for the hard-core beer lover in your life. These Memberships allow the recipient to try several different high-quality beers at a great price.

We have the perfect gift for all types of beer lovers, Domestic and Imported classics to artisan home brew crafting kits that will serve as a fun project for friends and relatives of all ages. We also have a big assortment of glasses for sale that are ideal for enjoying your favorite beverages, whether that's from an IPA glass or a beer tulip. Our birthday beer gifts are available at a variety of price points; beer gift baskets start at $40.00, large ones up to $100.00, and a three-month beer club membership costs $129.00.

Our quality gift baskets are not only visually appealing; they are both high-quality and delicious, and they serve as a thoughtful gift for any celebration. Many of our classic gifts also come with occasion-specific sweets, such as the confections featured in our “happy birthday” and “over the hill” gift baskets. Regardless of what you're looking for, we know beergifts.com will help you find the ideal present!

Birthday Celebrations are Better with Beer

New Belgium Brewing, Fort Collins CO. - Rampant IPA
When you crave a beer that will smack you in the throat with pure bitterness, you may consider Rampant Imperial IPA your go-to brew. The New Belgium Brewing Company produces this hoppy beer and distributes it to beer enthusiasts who crave the bite that comes with a bold India Pale Ale. While there is a noticeable malty quality that comes from the inclusion of Black and Pale malts, the brewers made little attempt to water down the bitterness that comes from a combination of Calypso, Centennial and Mosaic hops. Before you get to enjoy that bitter explosion in your mouth, you'll have the pleasure of a grassy aroma that screams citrus with floral and pine accents. That's followed by peachy flavor and a pleasing bitterness backed ever so subtly by a touch of sweet malts. While most drinkers won't find the bitterness overwhelming, this is definitely a brew crafted just for the "hop heads" of the world.

Kona Brewing Company, Kailua-Kona, HI. - Longboard Lager
Even the heavy beer drinker will have those lightweight days. When those easy-going times roll around in your life, consider picking up a bottle of Longboard Island Lager from the Kona Brewing Company. Expert brewers allow this beer to ferment in the cold for weeks at a time, ensuring that every sip goes down sooth. They also use a combination of Sterling, Mt. Hood, Hallertau and Millennium hops, which are balanced slightly by a single malt. This creates a delicate flavor with just enough hoppy spice to reward the taste buds. You're left with a brew that doesn't overwhelm in moments of complete relaxation and that pairs well with a variety of foods. Whether you're enjoying your favorite salty snacks while watching the game or you're sitting down to a late lunch with friends, this is the perfect beer to keep your hand company. While the malt comes through in the body, Kona keeps you in the land of hops with this smooth lager.

Lagunitas Brewing, Petaluma, CA. - Sucks Ale
The story behind Lagunitas Sucks Ale proves that tragedies often turn into blessings. Brewing out of Petaluma, California, the Lagunitas Brewing Company didn't have the capacity to produce their popular Brown Shugga holiday ale in 2011. They released an apology brew as a replacement and named it "sucks" in honor of how they felt about their failure. This new brew was crafted from a mix of oats, rye and wheat and turned into a year-round success for the brewery. Sucks offers an intense citrus aroma with hints of dark pine and moderate carbonation. It pours an intense golden color that provides a bright burst of energy during the holiday season. As the bubbly white foam starts to fade, it leaves intricate lacing on the sides of your glass. While Brown Shugga may still steal a lot of attention, Sucks is a popular holiday brew that you can enjoy any month of the year.

Anchor Brewing Company, San Francisco, CA. - Liberty Ale
When you pour a glass of Liberty Ale, don't let the bubbles fool you. You're not celebrating with a glass of champagne. You're indulging in an all-natural beer that only includes the highest quality ingredients. You won't find artificial ingredients or unhealthy chemicals in this refreshing brew from the Anchor Brewing Company in California. The brewers first created the recipe in 1975 using craft brewing strategies that were common in those times. Rather than updating the recipe and switching to more innovative methods that are embraced by many modern companies, they've allowed Liberty Ale to remain true to its roots. Pure and untouched by time, this is a simple beer that includes only Cascade hops and 2-Row Pale malts. The recipe calls for dry hopping with Cascade hops, creating a satisfying bite for those who enjoy a bitter beer. Add top-fermenting yeast and water, and you have the entire recipe for this classic beer. If you want to go back in time and escape the complexities of daily life, allow Liberty Ale to whisk you away to simpler times.

Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company, Arroyo Grande, CA - Hoppy Poppy IPA
Try to say "Hoppy Poppy" ten times without mixing up your words. Now try to say it without allowing a smile to cross your face. When the Figueroa Mountain Brewing Company created their Hoppy Poppy IPA, they crafted a feel-good brew that bursts from every bottle with the joyous aroma of citrus fruits and flowers. This refreshing aroma matches the light flavor, so it's not shocking if you start to smile a little more while enjoying a glass of Hoppy Poppy. It may put you in the mood to bop around the house, so consider it your go-to beer for celebrations and parties. The brew contains a blend of Crystal, Cara, Wheat and Pale Two-Row malts, and the bright citrus tones come from the mix of Cascade, Centennial, and Columbus hops. The brewers added poppy seeds to the recipe, adding some complexity to that bouquet-inspired aroma and flavor. Created with the meadows and mountains in mind, Hoppy Poppy is the brew that just might put a grin on your lips.

Spoetzl Brewery, Shiner TX. - Birthday Beer
Don't wait for your next birthday to enjoy a glass of Birthday Beer from Shiner. This brewery is known for releasing a special beer each winter in celebration of serving their fans delicious craft beers for more than 100 years. For 2016, they created a Cold-Brew Coffee Ale that features Chameleon cold-brew coffee and dark-roasted premium malts. This is a dark ale that looks a lot like coffee until the tall head of off-white foam fizzes to the top of your glass. You may expect the intense coffee aroma and flavor, but the smooth consistency of this brew may surprise you. It goes down easy, allowing you to pep up your step with more than one bottle if desired. The 2016 birthday brew from Shiner is known as Birthday Brew 108 in honor of the brewery's 108 years of service. It's fun to guess about what they may come up with for years to come, so keep watching for news of unique birthday offerings to hit the market next year and beyond. You can also celebrate along with Shriner Brewing by picking up their birthday beer glasses. A specialty beer crafted for the season and a decorative glass to show it off. What better way is there to celebrate a birthday?