Beer Club Featured MicroBrews – July 2017

duclaw-brewing-company-sweet-baby-java-imageDuClaw Brewing Company – Sweet Baby Java

If you’re tired of coffee beers that are more coffee than beer, you may fall in love with Sweet Baby Java. It’s a satisfying beer with well-balanced hop bitterness and malty character, so it could stand on its own even without the infusion of coffee and the addition of peanuts. The recipe involves cold-steeping whole espresso beans, but many would argue that the malts and hops are what make it noteworthy. Expect an explosion of Golding and Fuggle hops along with highlights of six quality malts, including roasted barley and chocolate. It all comes together to create a Porter worthy of your most delectable desserts or your most rewarding morning wake-up call.

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Beer Club Featured Brews – June 2017


Church Street Brewing Co – Devil’s Advocate Ale

When you’re dressed to impress and want to serve a meal guaranteed to do the same, add the Devil to the table. This is a Belgian Strong Golden Ale that pours into the glass with an attractive golden tone and a strong pile of rich foam. The brew is slightly hazy and offers a strong aroma when you give the glass a swirl. The spicy, herbal hops will greet your nose along with a touch of sweetness and something peppery in the background. Each batch is brewed with 500 pounds of Belgian candi and cane sugars along with Duvel yeast and 2,000 pounds of Franco-Belges Pilsen malts. Devil’s Advocate Ale has an ABV of nearly nine percent and can easily overpower weak flavors, so pair it with your spiciest meals.

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Beer Club Featured Craft Brews – May 2017

fordham-dominion-brewing-company-copperhead-ale-imageFordham & Dominion Brewing Company – Copperhead Ale

Copperhead Ale is technically classified as an American Amber Ale, but it has a smoother consistency than many red ales. The drinking experience begins with a tall head of fluffy foam. The beer is light amber with impressive clarity. The flavor presents a light sweetness from the combination of Pale Wheat, Two-Row and CaraMunich II and III malts. You’ll also pick up on nutty and toasted qualities, but those layers are balanced by Tradition, Bravo and Select hops. The hops add a spiciness that tames the sweet malts beautifully. With an ABV of 5 percent, this is the type of brew that you enjoy with an Italian sub or another light meal.

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Beer Club Featured Brews – April 2017


Shmaltz Brewing Company – Hop Orgy

Combine eight of the most potent hop varieties, and what do you get? A wild Hop Orgy worthy of your most explosive mouth-gasm. The Shmaltz Brewing Company is known for crafting strong hop blends, and they over-delivered with this brew. The aroma kicks off the conversation with bold floral and citrus scents. The flavor then backs up the talk with bursts of tropical fruit. You’ll taste mango, orange, pineapple and berries in a medley that your taste buds will crave. Of course, Victory, Maris Otter, and Caramel Pilsner malts give this American IPA some complexity with caramel and biscuit highlights in the background.

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Featured Craft Brews – Beer Club March 2017

River Horse Brewing Co – Oatmeal Milk Stout

river-horse-brewing-co-oatmeal-milk-stout-imageMilk sugar is the secret to the rich sweetness found in every bottle of Oatmeal Milk Stout by the River Horse Brewing Company. The flavor of rich dark chocolate laced with caramel will rush your palate with a heavy load of dominant malts, but this is a well-balanced flavor that never overpowers. This is all preceded by a deep, roasted aroma with a ribbon of sweetness. The brew pours into your glass a deep black, and a generous layer of tan foam rises to the top. Only after you appreciate the beauty of the stout is it time to lift that glass to your lips.

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