Beer Club Featured Brews – December 2016

Peak Organic Brewing Company – IPA


Get your favorite mug ready because the brewers over at Peak Organic Brewing are going to fill it with a golden American-style IPA layered with off-white foam. The citrus-drenched aroma will get your interest, but it’s the hopped-up flavor that will keep that mug tipping one satisfying sip after the other. Amarillo and Simcoe hops are used for the dry-hopping process, but the Brewers added Nugget hops to the recipe as well. Add a blend of Crystal 60 and Pale malts, and you understand how one beer can deliver just the right blend of pine, spice, citrus and malty sweetness.

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Beer Club Featured Brews – November 2016

Kannah Creek Brewing Company – Vertical Drop

kannah-creek-brewing-company-vertical-drop-imageIf you could turn a red velvet cupcake into a beer, you may come up with something similar to Vertical Drop from the Kannah Creek Brewing Company. This is a rich brew that pours deep red with a thick layer of foam rising to the top of your glass instantly. Once you get your mouth around the glass and tip it up, you’ll experience a well-balanced explosion of flavor. While the malts take the lead, the hoppy bitterness isn’t far behind. You’ll also notice a touch of citrus inspiration when the aroma greets your nose.

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Brew Demon Home Brew Kits

Brew Demon Craft Beer Kit $60.00

brew-demon-craft-beer-kit-2A standard home brew kit is the ideal gift for beer enthusiasts everywhere. You can brew beer in the comfort of your own home with this handy, all-inclusive product. This kit allows curious drinkers to become chemists; you can experiment with the brewing process up close and personal, which is a magical process that many people have never experienced before.

This home brew kit can make two gallons of beer in just two weeks. That’s good news for avid beer drinkers. Running to the convenience store for a refreshment refill will cease to be a regular activity once the kit joins the household. The standard craft home brew kit comes with the manufacturer’s most famous craft series recipe, which contains 3.6 percent ABV and a delicious flavor unlike any other.

The home brewing kit also includes one of the brewing industry’s first small-batch conical fermenters. A temperature gauge, venting plug and adaptable spigot are some of the other inclusions. The best thing about purchasing this product is the fact that you can use it again and again to brew as many gallons of beer as you desire. When it comes to home brewing, we care about providing you and your loved ones with the best gift that’s guaranteed to be a family favorite.

1 Conical Fermenter
1 Fermenter Base
1 Adjustable Flow Tap Assembly
1 Venting Plug
1 Stick-on Temperature Gauge
1 Of Our Popular Basic Recipes (American Prophecy Ale)
1 Packet of Dry Brewing Yeast
1 Packet of One Step No-Rinse Cleanser
1 Easy to Follow Brewing Instruction

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Beer Club Featured Brews – October 2016

Harpoon Brewing Company – Harpoon Dark

harpoon-brewing-company-harpoon-darkYou typically have to visit the Harpoon brewery in Boston to order this draft-only Dunkel Lager, so it’s a special occasion when you can get your hands on a bottle. Brewed in true Munich style, this is a dark brown beer with some attractive mahogany swirls. You can pick up on hints of chocolate and espresso in the aroma, but the caramel sweetness is what may grab your nose first. If you take the time to study the complex aroma, you’ll also detect hints of flowers and fresh fruit. The taste isn’t as complex with a nice balance between caramel sweet and roasted meat. If you’re cooking on the grill or serving salty snacks, Harpoon Dark will complement the meal nicely.


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Beer Club Featured Brews – September 2016

Nebraska Brewing Company – Cardinal Pale Ale


Cardinal Pale Ale is the brew of champs. While stealing the show as the 2014 U.S. Beer Tasting Champion was impressive, the number of adoring fans that it has brought to the Nebraska Brewing Company is even more noteworthy. Pop the bottle open, inhaling the fresh aroma of citrus with floral undertones. Savor the layers of white froth as you pour, or lift the bottle right to your lips for that slightly-bitter taste of Cascade hops.


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