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Beer Club Featured Brews – June 2017


Church Street Brewing Co – Devil’s Advocate Ale

When you’re dressed to impress and want to serve a meal guaranteed to do the same, add the Devil to the table. This is a Belgian Strong Golden Ale that pours into the glass with an attractive golden tone and a strong pile of rich foam. The brew is slightly hazy and offers a strong aroma when you give the glass a swirl. The spicy, herbal hops will greet your nose along with a touch of sweetness and something peppery in the background. Each batch is brewed with 500 pounds of Belgian candi and cane sugars along with Duvel yeast and 2,000 pounds of Franco-Belges Pilsen malts. Devil’s Advocate Ale has an ABV of nearly nine percent and can easily overpower weak flavors, so pair it with your spiciest meals.

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