August 2017 Beer of the Month Club – Craft Beers

fish-brewing-co-vicious-circle-amber-ale-imageFish Brewing Co. – Vicious Circle Amber Ale

Spinning in circles may typically leave you dizzy, but the Fish Brewing Company is turning it all into fun. Vicious Circle has become one of the brewery’s most popular red ales. Perhaps that’s because they allow the Cascade and Herkules hops to take a more dominating role than is expected from most American-style red beers. The recipe also calls for a blend of six malts, and the final product is a well-balanced brew that may make spinning in circles rewarding. The Vicious Circle experience starts with a burst of light tan foam rising to the top of your glass. That is followed by a complex aroma that balances floral and citrus hops with a subtle fruity sweetness. You can expect the same balance from the flavor along with a bit of fizz.

fish-brewing-co-mudshark-porter-imageFish Brewing Co. – Mudshark Porter

Mudshark Porter is a complete show-off when it comes to versatility. It’s the perfect addition to the dessert table due to the heavy dark chocolate aroma and flavor, yet it’s so beautiful in a glass that you might consider it the final touch for the main dinner table. It pours a dark brown that almost appears black, and flashes of deep amber add another layer of interest. The light brown foam bubbles to the top of your glass just as your nose picks up the blended aroma of coffee, chocolate, and floral hops. The flavor is rich with coffee but delivers an underlying sweetness that may turn this American Porter into your favorite late-night treat.

spencer-brewery-spencer-festive-lager-imageSpencer Brewery – Spencer Festive Lager

Spencer Festive Lager is an American craft beer brewed with the heart of Germany in mind. It may remind you of an Oktoberfest beer, but it isn’t seasonal. Whenever you feel like infusing your world with apples and something delightfully sweet, just pour a glass of this Strong Vienna Lager. Willamette and Perle malts combine with Carapils, Smoked, Vienna and Two-Row Pilsner hops to create a smoky flavor that features sweet caramelized fruit and just enough bitter hops for impeccable balance. The alcohol content and hops prevent the sweetness from becoming too strong, and the apple highlights are refreshing. It all starts with a fluffy head of foam and an apple-esque aroma accented by spicy hops, but remember that it also packs an ABV over seven percent.

spencer-brewery-spencer-trappist-ale-imageSpencer Brewery – Spencer Trappist Ale

If you appreciate purity in your beer, you may consider Spencer Trappist Ale among your favorite beverages. It’s a part of the Trappist Classic collection from the Spencer Brewery and features a proprietary yeast propagated at a monastery. This yeast adds a unique flavor and aroma to this Belgian Pale Ale, allowing it to closely mimic the patersbier brews that were once crafted by monks in Belgium. The brewers at Spencer keep the ingredient list to a minimum so that the yeast, malts, and hops stand out in all their glory. The Trappist Ale recipe combines Willamette and Nugget hops with Caramunich and Two-Row Pilsner malts, and each batch is unpasteurized and unfiltered to allow the yeast to work its magic. The result is a golden brew with a fruity flavor that gives way to a touch of hops at the finish.

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