Beer Club Featured Brews – April 2017


Shmaltz Brewing Company – Hop Orgy

Combine eight of the most potent hop varieties, and what do you get? A wild Hop Orgy worthy of your most explosive mouth-gasm. The Shmaltz Brewing Company is known for crafting strong hop blends, and they over-delivered with this brew. The aroma kicks off the conversation with bold floral and citrus scents. The flavor then backs up the talk with bursts of tropical fruit. You’ll taste mango, orange, pineapple and berries in a medley that your taste buds will crave. Of course, Victory, Maris Otter, and Caramel Pilsner malts give this American IPA some complexity with caramel and biscuit highlights in the background.

alphabet-city-brewing-company-easy-blonde-kolsch-imageAlphabet City Brewing Company – Easy Blonde

Easy on the eyes. Easy on the taste buds. Easy to pair with virtually any meal or late-night snack. The Brewers at Alphabet City knew what they were doing when they made their Blonde Kölsch easy going. This is a German-inspired brew known for its crisp finish and clean profile, and it definitely delivers on taste. You’ll pick up on bold floral notes backed by zesty citrus and just a touch of spice. Top it off by a bubbling straw appearance with an ample head of white foam, and you see what makes an Easy Blonde so alluring.

crazy-mountain-brewing-company-snowcat-coffee-stout-imageCrazy Mountain Brewing Company – Snowcat

You can’t have a Coffee Stout without a high-quality coffee, so the Crazy Mountain Brewing Company found one of the best. They brew their Snowcat stout with artisanal coffee from the Coda Coffee Company. That creamy goodness is combined with Magnum hops, rolled oats, roasted barley and a blend of Chocolate, Carafa-3, and Two-Row malts. The end result is a sweet brew that’s good enough to wake you up in the morning or sing you to sleep at the end of a long day. The blend of bitter hops and sweet malts is done to perfection, and the coffee is never allowed to overpower the flavor.

crazy-mountain-brewing-company-cara-de-luna-ale-imageCrazy Mountain Brewing Company – Cara de Luna

To create a Black German Pale Ale, you need something German, something Belgian and something American. The Brewers at Crazy Mountain accomplished this by sourcing their hops, malts, and yeast from an international selection of premium-quality products. The end result is a deep brown beer with a tall head of thick foam ready to make you lick your lips in satisfaction. If you appreciate a bite of bitterness in your beer, you may fall in love with the way the bitter hops grow on your palate sip after sip.

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