Beer Club Featured Brews – August 2016

Arcadia Brewing Company – Loch Down Scotch A

arcadia-brewing-company-loch-down-scotch-ale-labelIf you can’t make it to Kalamazoo, MI, to enjoy a wood-fired pizza or a plate of barbecue with the Arcadia Brewing Company, bring their best Scotch ale home and serve with salmon or roasted meat. The caramelized malt combines well with orange, garnet and a variety of dried fruits to create a sweetish flavor and satisfying aroma. This is an earthy brew that you’ll enjoy with your nose as well as your mouth.


Arcadia Brewing Company – IPA


Break out your favorite mug or pint glass when this hop-sational brew arrives at your doorstep. Watch with satisfaction as the clear copper liquid pours smoothly into your glass, a cloud of lacy foam rising up to the top. Salivate as you inhale the well-balanced aroma of caramelized malt with spicy overtones. Brewed with a combination of Columbus and Cascade hops, this is one IPA that will satisfy your craving for a firm hoppy taste.


Baderbräu Brewing Company – Lawnmower Lager


You may want to get your lawnmower out before this pale German malt arrives because it’s the perfect brew for a backyard party. The Baderbräu Brewing Company crafted this IPL from a diverse combination of hops, including some experimental strains that you won’t find in many other microbrews. From Flaconer’s Flight to Cascade and Citra, it’s enough to create a hoppy taste balanced out with light citrus undertones. Throw the burgers on the grill and enjoy a glass of golden brew layered with thick foam.


Mendocino Brewing Company – Red Tail Ale


Red Tale Ale is the flagship brand for the Mendocino Brewing Company, and it’s a clean American amber ale that pairs well with any food offering intense flavor. The brew combines a proprietary yeast strain with two-row malted barley to create an intense caramelized flavor with the slightest hint of sweetness. If your palate craves toasty flavors and malty aromas, Red Tail Ale is the perfect complement for a special meal.


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