Beer Club Featured Brews – January 2017

Clipper City Brewing Co – Heavy Seas Winter Storm

clipper-city-brewing-company-heavy-seas-winter-storm Take your favorite India Pale Ale recipe and give it a twist with British hops. You might come out with something similar to what the Clipper City Brewing Company now calls their Imperial Extra Special Bitter, otherwise known as an ESP. This brew delivers an intense flavor with prominent caramel and toffee tones, thanks to a generous helping of Chocolate, Caramalt, Pale and Crystal malts. Five varieties of hops are used to provide some balance, creating a brew that may help you weather any winter storm that comes your way.


Clipper City Brewing Co – Heavy Seas Loose Cannon

clipper-city-brewing-company-heavy-seas-loose-cannonLoose cannons are only good when they’re a hazy golden color and fill your glass with a tall head of sticky foam. A little lacing that lingers to last sip will make a cannon even more enjoyable. This is exactly what the Clipper City Brewing Company delivers with their Heavy Seas Loose Cannon beer. Pine and citrus will bless your nose as you pour this beer into your favorite glass, and the flavor hits home with caramelized malts, hints of floral and a big zing of citrus. This Loose Cannon is packing Pale, Munich and Caramalt malts and a blend of six hop strains.

Sudwerk Brewing Co – Rye of the Lager

sudwerk-brewing-company-rye-of-the-lager-imageWhen the brewers at the Sudwerk Brewing Company got bored with the growing collection of India Pale Ales filling store shelves, they created the first rye-based India Pale Lager to hit the western United States. Rye of the Lager puts the dry spice of rye in the spotlight, but the combination of Amarillo, Mosaic and Simcoe hops offers a fruity characteristic that balances the aroma and flavor. Dry hopping and a lager yeast strain ensure that those flavors present themselves proudly. Break out the steak and loaded potato because Rye of the Lager is in the house.

Sudwerk Brewing Co – Ultimator

sudwerk-brewing-company-ultimator-imageIf you enjoy savoring a premium beer and picking out the various flavors and aromas, you might want to mark a full day off your calendar when you get ahold of the Sudwerk Brewing Company’s Ultimator brew. The aroma and flavor are intensely complex, featuring touches of chocolate, toast, brown sugar, caramel and sweet fruit. This is an 8-percent ABV beer that delivers the alcohol you crave wrapped up with a flavorful bow. This is the perfect beer to add to your collection of favorites or to store in the cellar, but it’s also the perfect complement to rich deserts and a glazed ham.

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