Beer Club Featured Brews – June 2017


Church Street Brewing Co – Devil’s Advocate Ale

When you’re dressed to impress and want to serve a meal guaranteed to do the same, add the Devil to the table. This is a Belgian Strong Golden Ale that pours into the glass with an attractive golden tone and a strong pile of rich foam. The brew is slightly hazy and offers a strong aroma when you give the glass a swirl. The spicy, herbal hops will greet your nose along with a touch of sweetness and something peppery in the background. Each batch is brewed with 500 pounds of Belgian candi and cane sugars along with Duvel yeast and 2,000 pounds of Franco-Belges Pilsen malts. Devil’s Advocate Ale has an ABV of nearly nine percent and can easily overpower weak flavors, so pair it with your spiciest meals.


Church Street Brewing Co – Heavenly Helles Lager

If you’re searching for a well-balanced beer that goes down smooth and is easy to pair with a variety of foods and snacks, look no further than Heavenly Helles Lager from the Church Street Brewing Company. This is a clean Pale Lager that offers a foundation of crisp cracker with just the right amount of citrus and spice to create a well-balanced flavor profile. The recipe combines German Hallertau, Tettnang and Hersbrucker hops with Briess Carapils and Best Malz Pilsen malts, resulting in a light beer that is always refreshing. With an ABV of 5.4 percent, many beer enthusiasts can splurge on Heavenly Helles without it going to their heads.


brau-brothers-brewing-company-mooJoos-imageBrau Brothers Brewing Co – MooJoos

MooJoos is the dark brown beer that calls to chocolate milk lovers. It was first introduced as the flagship brew for Brau Brothers Brewing and remains the brewery’s top seller today. The recipe was crafted in honor of chocolate milk, but it was elevated to please the taste buds of adult drinkers. This is a fusion of a Milk Stout and an Oatmeal Stout, so expect to pick up on notes of chocolate as well as coffee and caramel. The recipe includes lactose, a blend of seven malts and a combination of Willamette and Target hops. Get ready to change the way you think about chocolate milk forever.


brau-brothers-brewing-company-sheepHead-imageBrau Brothers Brewing Co – SheepHead

Cascade and Centennial hops are leading the herd when it comes to this light amber brew with an ABV of 7.3 percent. SheepHead is an American Strong Ale that delivers an herbal aroma with hints of citrus and floral touched off by grassy highlights. When you take your first sip, expect those herbal hops to deliver a strong bite, but the Chocolate, Crystal, Wheat, Aromatic, Pale and Special malts provide a sweet balance that keeps the bitterness in check. The flavor is bold enough to stand up to spicy foods or your sweetest deserts, so have fun pairing this complex hoppy brew with your best meals.

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