Beer Club Featured Brews – Mar 2016

16 Mile Brewing Company – Amber Sun Ale

16-mile-brewing-company-amber-sun-ale-label16 Mile Brewing in Georgetown, Delaware, creates some of the most enjoyable beers on the East Coast, and Amber Sun Ale is no exception. This dark amber ale has a floral hop aroma, but the taste is that of caramel, bread crust and red fruits. The hop level is moderate but adequate enough to provide balance to the caramelized malts.




16 Mile Brewing Company – Tiller Brown Ale

16-mile-brewing-company-tiller-brown-ale-labelAlong with its amber ale, 16 Mile Brewing makes an exceptional brown ale. Tiller Brown Ale is highly carbonated and has a strong flavor of toasted bread and caramel with notes of milk chocolate. This light sweetness, however, is offset by a mild hop character with earthy, spicy and floral overtones.





Florida Beer Company & Whisper Creek Farm – Surplus Honey Citrus Ale

florida-beer-company-whisper-creek-farm-surplus-honey-citrus-ale-labelCape Canaveral’s Florida Beer Company offers an unusual but delectable option with its Surplus Honey Citrus Ale. This unique ale is also the microbrewery’s signature specialty, and its robust pale malt flavor includes a subtle taste of sweet honey and citrus zest. A moderate amount of hops completes this honey-citrus American pale ale.


Florida Beer Company – Sweet Stout

florida-beer-company-sweet-stout-labelFlorida Beer Company also brews one of the sweetest stouts available today. Sweet Stout has a rich head and smells of honey-roasted nuts and coffee with a hint of bacon, and on the palate, you can add dark cacao and dried fruit. The beer’s smooth and creamy character derives from the addition of oats in the brewing process.


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