Beer Club Featured Brews – November 2016

Kannah Creek Brewing Company – Vertical Drop

kannah-creek-brewing-company-vertical-drop-imageIf you could turn a red velvet cupcake into a beer, you may come up with something similar to Vertical Drop from the Kannah Creek Brewing Company. This is a rich brew that pours deep red with a thick layer of foam rising to the top of your glass instantly. Once you get your mouth around the glass and tip it up, you’ll experience a well-balanced explosion of flavor. While the malts take the lead, the hoppy bitterness isn’t far behind. You’ll also notice a touch of citrus inspiration when the aroma greets your nose.

Kannah Creek Brewing Company – Standing Wave

kannah-creek-brewing-company-standing-wave-imageIf visual interest is just as important to you as the taste of your beer, buckle up for a rewarding experience. The Kannah Creek Brewing Company created this medium amber ale to present a coppery hue when poured into a glass, and they made sure that each rim was graced with a rich foam. That foam dies to delicate lacing inside your glass as you drink up the hop-drenched brew. You’ll also notice mandarin orange and grapefruit in the flavor profile, so it’s no wonder that this beer won the gold medal at the 2008 World Beer Cup.


Ipswich Ale Brewery – Oatmeal Stout

ipswich-ale-brewery-oatmeal-stout-imageBefore you enjoy a glass of Oatmeal Stout, it’s important to let the chill of refrigeration wear away at least a little. Give those flavors a chance to mix and simmer before you bring the intense black liquid up to your lips. As you pour, pay attention to the creamy foam because it presents a satisfying brown color that adds to the hearty quality of this brew. The flavor may remind you of ash, but it’ll also make you think of a box of chocolates and a tall cup of coffee. While malts deliver a sweet touch, the hops make their presence known as well.


Ipswich Ale Brewery – S.I.P.A. (Session IPA)

ipswich-ale-brewery-session-ipa-imageIf you’re trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you might as well count a glass of Session IPA from the Ipswich Ale Brewery as a serving of fruit. The copper liquid is drenched in the aroma and taste of fruit, including notes of passion fruit, grapefruit and pineapple. The citrus may make you think of waking up on a bright summer morning, but this is a session India Pale Ale that you could enjoy at any time of the day. While the hops are on citrus overdrive, it’s the sweetness of the malts that delivers a well-balanced taste that has earned this brewery some loyal fans.

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