Beer Club Featured Brews – October 2016

Harpoon Brewing Company – Harpoon Dark

harpoon-brewing-company-harpoon-darkYou typically have to visit the Harpoon brewery in Boston to order this draft-only Dunkel Lager, so it’s a special occasion when you can get your hands on a bottle. Brewed in true Munich style, this is a dark brown beer with some attractive mahogany swirls. You can pick up on hints of chocolate and espresso in the aroma, but the caramel sweetness is what may grab your nose first. If you take the time to study the complex aroma, you’ll also detect hints of flowers and fresh fruit. The taste isn’t as complex with a nice balance between caramel sweet and roasted meat. If you’re cooking on the grill or serving salty snacks, Harpoon Dark will complement the meal nicely.


Harpoon Brewing Company – Harpoon Octoberfest

harpoon-brewing-company-harpoon-octoberfestThis seasonal microbrew from Harpoon is only distributed during September and October, so grab your share while it lasts. Your reward comes instantly as the deep amber liquid fills your glass. The eye-catching color is followed by a tall head of thick foam and an intense aroma that speaks to the caramelized malts soon to greet your taste buds. You’ll detect something a bit fruity and perhaps a flash of floral if you pay attention to the complexity of this brew. This is a beer that truly embraces the malts, so it will pair well with a variety of comfort foods enjoyed in the fall.


Harlem Brewing Company – Renaissance Wit


Are you looking for a brew that will sit well at the dessert table or blend naturally with lighter cuisine? Renaissance Wit will do the trick with a brew recipe that includes orange peel and spices like cumin and coriander. Add grains of paradise with a blend of well-chosen hops and malts, and you’re left with a delicate beer that delivers an intense aroma. While it is a bit on the spicy side in aroma and flavor, it’s also well-balanced by swirls of citrus. Like a good meal, this is a brew that leaves you feeling satisfied.


Harlem Brewing Company – Sugar Hill Golden Ale

harlem-brewing-company-sugar-hill-golden-ale-imageThe Harlem Brewing Company defied expectations for a golden ale when they created their Sugar Hill brew. While it has the golden color that you would expect from this type of ale, it fills your mouth with a smooth medium body that beats the watery consistency of many competitors. The aroma also offers a generous whiff of malts, which is unexpected for the experienced golden ale drinker. The taste is interesting because it’s on the herbal side with enough spice and floral to keep it interesting sip by sip. There’s a touch of citrus in the mix as well, so enjoy this beer when you have time to relax and enjoy the experience.



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