Beer Club Featured Brews – September 2016

Nebraska Brewing Company – Cardinal Pale Ale


Cardinal Pale Ale is the brew of champs. While stealing the show as the 2014 U.S. Beer Tasting Champion was impressive, the number of adoring fans that it has brought to the Nebraska Brewing Company is even more noteworthy. Pop the bottle open, inhaling the fresh aroma of citrus with floral undertones. Savor the layers of white froth as you pour, or lift the bottle right to your lips for that slightly-bitter taste of Cascade hops.


Nebraska Brewing Company – India Pale Ale


When passionate brewers start out with a delicate infusion of Citra hops, you know the end product is going to tickle your taste buds in the most pleasing of ways. That’s exactly what happens when you pop the top on a bottle of IPA inspired by the west coast. The aroma of pine laced with citrus and floral tones hits your nose, alerting you that the good times have begun. When you notice the smooth caramel malts adding the perfect balance to a strong hoppy taste, you’ll know that you’re indulging in true IPA perfection.


Payette Brewing Company – Mutton Buster Brown Ale


When nothing will hit the spot but a brown ale that fills your mouth with full flavor, you reach for a bottle of Mutton Buster. This is a malt-heavy brew that hits your glass with rich, deep color, but the bitter undertone of well-brewed hops is what may linger in your mind after the first sip. You’ll notice the enticing blend of nuts and chocolate right away, but savor a few more sips to pick up on the brown sugar. It’s just the right sweetness to lighten up a rich, dark brew.


Payette Brewing Company – Pistolero Porter


If you like your brew rich, dark and down to earth, you’ll swoon over Pistolero Porter. It fills your glass with full-bodied darkness, but it’s properly relieved by a layer of lighter foam. The scent will remind you of fresh toast on Saturday morning, but it’s special toast with a hint of chocolatey goodness. Your taste buds will pick up on the chocolate right away, but it’s infused with caramel highlights for a sweet touch you can’t miss. It’s earthy. It’s malty sweet. It’s Pistolero Porter.


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