Beer Club Featured Craft Brews – May 2017

fordham-dominion-brewing-company-copperhead-ale-imageFordham & Dominion Brewing Company – Copperhead Ale

Copperhead Ale is technically classified as an American Amber Ale, but it has a smoother consistency than many red ales. The drinking experience begins with a tall head of fluffy foam. The beer is light amber with impressive clarity. The flavor presents a light sweetness from the combination of Pale Wheat, Two-Row and CaraMunich II and III malts. You’ll also pick up on nutty and toasted qualities, but those layers are balanced by Tradition, Bravo and Select hops. The hops add a spiciness that tames the sweet malts beautifully. With an ABV of 5 percent, this is the type of brew that you enjoy with an Italian sub or another light meal.

fordham-dominion-brewing-company-gypsy-lager-imageFordham & Dominion Brewing Company – Gypsy Lager

Gypsy Lager is the type of beer that you bring to a cookout or a tailgating party. It’s the type of brew that you might open when you want to do nothing but relax and forget about the stress of daily life. This Helles Lager pours sunshine yellow as the white foam piles at the top of the glass. It offers satisfying clarity and a spicy aroma with layers of lemon, floral and sweet malts. The flavor starts out quite malty, but the spiciness of the hops provides balance. You may even detect a touch of apple in the flavor.


mad-river-brewing-co-river-days-session-ipa-imageMad River Brewing Co – River Days Session IPA

If you enjoy smelling your beer just as much as you enjoy drinking, sink yourself into the River Days experience. The aroma is like a spicy fruit salad loaded with citrus and laced with floral and herbal undertones. The citrus infusion continues when you lift your glass to your lips, but the flavor also includes malty sweetness and hints of something toasted. This complex flavor comes from the combination of Willamette, Cascade, Chinook, and Columbus hops with Crystal 70/80, Two-Row Pale and Carastan 30/37 malts. This is a session IPA topped with a heap of light foam.


mad-river-brewing-co-jamaica-red-ale-imageMad River Brewing Co – Jamaica Red Ale

Are you ready for a sensual drinking experience? Jamaica Red Ale from the Mad River Brewing Company will please your eyes with a deep, rich red color and a tall head of fluffy foam. That foam dies down as you drink, but it clings to the glass with sticky lacing. This American Amber Ale will also please your sense of smell with a combination of sweet malts and citrusy hops. The Black Patent, Crystal 70/80, Two-Row Pale and Wheat malts interact nicely with the Columbus, Willamette, Chinook, Summit and Cascade hops. This produces a complex flavor with lots of citrus and robust sweetness. It also packs a punch with an ABV of 6.5 percent.

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