Beer Club Featured MicroBrews – July 2017

duclaw-brewing-company-sweet-baby-java-imageDuClaw Brewing Company – Sweet Baby Java

If you’re tired of coffee beers that are more coffee than beer, you may fall in love with Sweet Baby Java. It’s a satisfying beer with well-balanced hop bitterness and malty character, so it could stand on its own even without the infusion of coffee and the addition of peanuts. The recipe involves cold-steeping whole espresso beans, but many would argue that the malts and hops are what make it noteworthy. Expect an explosion of Golding and Fuggle hops along with highlights of six quality malts, including roasted barley and chocolate. It all comes together to create a Porter worthy of your most delectable desserts or your most rewarding morning wake-up call.

duclaw-brewing-company-hop-hammer-ipa-imageDuClaw Brewing Company – Hop Hammer

The DuClaw Brewing Company found a way to incorporate Mosaic, Simcoe, Columbus, Apollo, Centennial and Citra hops into one beer while keeping those quality hops on the gentle side of bitter. It all kicks off with Wheat and Pale malts, but the Brewers would never deprive you of the juiciness that comes from those five quality hops. They just hop it up at the end of the brewing process to tame the flavorful beast. Expect a strong tropical aroma with hints of pine, herbs, and citrus. That is enough to signal relaxation to your brain, but the hammer is dropped by a complex flavor that offers layers of tropical fruit, citric acid, and strong herbs.

furthermore-brewing-floating-fireFurthermore Beer – Floating Fire

Give your soul an adventurous boost by indulging in a glass of Floating Fire. This Smoked Rye IPA pours an intense red that will deliver the experience of drinking liquid fire without the danger of burns. With an ABV of six percent, this is one fire that can light you up even if you only have time for one quick drink. When it’s time to heat things up, expect an explosion of hops and caramel malts along with a subtle hint of smoke. This is a juicy beer that is dry hopped with hibiscus flowers as well as two quality hops. Is it time to drink on the wild side?

furthermore-brewing-fatty-boombalattyFurthermore Beer – Fatty Boombalatty

Are you ready to try a Belgian Witbier that refuses to sit nicely in one well-defined box? Just pour a tall glass of Fatty Boombalatty. The name may intrigue you, but it’s the explosion of floral spice and herbal tones that will get you hooked on this Pale Ale with a Witbier twist. The Furthermore Beer Company is known for their creative names that are backed up by unexpected brewing practices and recipes, and they take the title for innovation when it comes to this bestselling brew. They start with a blend of Millenium and Perle hops. They spice it up by dry-hopping with hearty Perle hops and coriander. Then they add in Light Caramel, Two-Row Pale and Wheat malts to craft a satisfying beer that delivers a boom of spice and just the right touch of bitterness.

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