Beer of the Month Craft Brews for November 2017

argus-brewery-bloodshot-red-imageArgus Brewery – Bloodshot Red

Have you ever enjoyed a high-quality English Bitter and wished that you could crank up the intensity? If so, a glass of Bloodshot Red from the Angus Brewery is what you were craving. This is an amber beer that is classified as an Extra Special Bitter, but it doesn’t have the hop intensity that you would expect from a bitter American beer.
The aroma has a caramel core swirled with floral, citrus and pine notes. While the Centennial and Warrior hops make a strong appearance in the flavor, it’s the combination of Extra Special, Canadian Two-Row and Canadian Wheat malts that give the flavor profile its intensity. The malts are just perfect for an adult beverage brewed in honor of Bloodshot Records.

argus-brewery-golden-prairie-ale-imageArgus Brewery – Golden Prairie Ale

Golden Prairie Ale is an Altbier that was originally produced under the Golden Prairie label. It’s now offered by the Argus Brewery and is keeping traditional brewing methods alive in Chicago. This amber beer pours with a brownish tint and bubbles to the top of your glass with a foam that doesn’t disappear quickly. The Roasted Barley, Special B, Canadian Two-Row and Caravienna malts jump for attention in the aroma and flavor, but you can expect a pinch of bitter hops in the background. This is the type of beer that you serve with dinner or enjoy with an ample supply of snacks on hand.

red-river-brewing-company-hay-ryed-imageRed River Brewing Company – Hay Ryed

Are you ready for a Hay Ryed designed just for the adults? If so, pour a bubbling glass of this Pale Rye Wheat Ale and take a moment to unwind. This quality brew is clear and golden on the pour, and every drink ends with an herbal kiss. Expect an appealing aroma with fresh apple backed by caramel malts and some spicy Saaz hop character. The flavor is pleasantly tangy but comes with a firm wheat backbone created by Acidulated, Wheat Malt, Pilsner, Rye and Two-Row Pale malts. This is a great beer for a night on the town because it pairs well with those greasy bar foods that encourages you to indulge. It’s always a good time for a Hay Ryed.

red-river-brewing-company-penalty-bock-imageRed River Brewing Company – Penalty Bock

When life gets hard, give yourself a penalty drink. Red River Brewing makes an exceptional Bock from Magnum hops and a combination of Crystal 120, Carafoam, Pilsner, Munich I, Munich II and Special B malts. The Special B is prominent in the aroma and flavor, infusing the caramel and brown sugar character with a hint of raisin. You’ll pick up on flashes of fruits while detecting a slight bitterness in the background, but it’s the malts that deliver the penalty that every adult deserves. This is the perfect beer for any laid-back environment, and it’s perfect when paired with a light summer meal or a buffet of treats.

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