Featured Craft Brews – Beer Club September 2017

sweetwater-brewing-company-420-extra-pale-ale-imageSweetwater Brewing Company – 420 Extra Pale Ale

If you like a good Pale Ale but wish that you could take the malts down a notch at times, try to get your hands on a cold glass of 420 Extra Pale Ale from the brewers over at Sweetwater. It’s a light and breezy spin on a west-coast style American Pale Ale, and the Cascade and Centennial hops are given just as much room to shine as the Midnight Wheat, Munich, Wheat and Two-Row Pale malts. It pours a light golden color with slight haze, and the aroma will grab your nose with intense citrus and floral hop notes. Those notes carry through to the flavor, and you can expect slightly sweet malts to get in on the action as well.

sweetwater-brewing-company-georgia-brown-imageSweetwater Brewing Company – Georgia Brown

Georgia Brown is an American Brown Ale that you can relax with at the end of a long day. While it offers rich flavor and smooth texture, it’s more on the light side than you might expect for a dark beer. The ABV is just under six percent, so you might enjoy more than one at a party or while toasting good times with someone special. Expect a nutty flavor that blends in caramel and coffee notes with just a hint of spice. The 70-80, Carapils, Chocolate, Two-Row, 40L, Black and Munich malts will hit your palate first with their bold sweetness, but the Willamette and Columbus hops chime in with just enough bitterness to provide adequate balance. Would you expect anything less from a Great American Beer Festival gold medal winner?

o-so-brewing-company-hop-whoopin-imageO’so Brewing Company – Hop Whoopin’

Bring a lot of spice into your life with a Hop Whoopin’. This American IPA from O’so Brewing will keep you on your toes with intense herbal spice and citrus highlights courtesy of the Nugget, Summit, and CTZ hops. You can expect a clean base created by the Two-Row malts, but don’t count on much sweetness from this brew. That base offers some strong tropical fruit and floral aromas and flavors, but it’s the citrusy hops with herbal highlights that take center stage. You can look forward to heaps of spicy character, and each sip ends on a dry note with one bitter Whoopin’ that tends to linger on your tongue. Keep in mind that this beer includes some yeast sediment that settles to the bottom of each bottle or glass.

o-so-brewing-company-hopdinger-imageO’so Brewing Company – Hopdinger

If you appreciate a beer that is as easygoing as your best drinking buddies, you may appreciate Hopdinger. This is an American Pale Ale that you can combine with a variety of foods. It goes well with any relaxing social occasion as well as laid back times at home. With an ABV of 5.4 percent, this is a smooth beer that may tempt you to indulge in more than just one drink. It starts off with a rise of fluffy foam that wants to stick around for the party. It hangs around in the form of delicate lacing while you enjoy the layered aroma. Expect your nose to feast on everything from citrus fruits and berries to florals, pine, and herbs. The Two-Row, Caramel and Munich malts create a satisfying flavor base with some caramel goodness lingering in the background. The palisade, Centennial, Summit, and Cascade hops pop in with a faint bitterness that blends into the malty sweetness, creating a well-balanced brew just waiting for the good times to start.

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