Featured Craft Brews – Beer Club March 2017

River Horse Brewing Co – Oatmeal Milk Stout

river-horse-brewing-co-oatmeal-milk-stout-imageMilk sugar is the secret to the rich sweetness found in every bottle of Oatmeal Milk Stout by the River Horse Brewing Company. The flavor of rich dark chocolate laced with caramel will rush your palate with a heavy load of dominant malts, but this is a well-balanced flavor that never overpowers. This is all preceded by a deep, roasted aroma with a ribbon of sweetness. The brew pours into your glass a deep black, and a generous layer of tan foam rises to the top. Only after you appreciate the beauty of the stout is it time to lift that glass to your lips.

River Horse Brewing Co – Roly Poly Pils

river-horse-brewing-co-roly-poly-pils-imageYou may notice the toasted malts first when you take a sip of Roly Poly Pils, but rest assured the bitter hops are ready to speak to you as well. This Czech Pilsner from the River Horse Brewing Company is made from Authentic Saaz hops straight from the Czech Republic as well as Hallertau, Chinook and Hersbrucker hops. Add a blend of Carapils, Vienna, Pilsen and Melanoidin malts, and you have a brew that boasts an earthy, herb-soaked aroma with just a hint of citrus fruit. Bring the glass to your lips, and you’ll taste the toasted malts with a hint of caramel in the background. You’ll finish every sip with a word from those bitter hops.

RJ Rockers Brewing Co – Bell Ringer

rj-rockers-brewing-co-bell-ringer-imageSometimes you want something soft and gentle. Other times you want a Bell Ringer from the RJ Rockers Brewing Company. This American Strong Ale may come with a full mouthfeel that is soft and pleasant on your tongue, but it also comes with a high ABV just over 8 percent and an intense blend of Cascade and Nugget hops. The Caramel 60, Munich and 2-Row Pale malts may greet you upon the first sip, but that biscuity goodness is followed by a kick of brown sugar and a bitter ending that you may feel in the morning. Pick up a Bell Ringer when you’re ready for a good time and aren’t afraid to get rowdy.

RJ Rockers Brewing Co – Son of a Peach

rj-rockers-brewing-co-son-of-a-peach-imageThe next time you’re ready to scream, “You Son of a –,” pick up a bottle of pure South Carolina peach instead. Son of a Peach is an American Pale Wheat Ale with close to 6 percent ABV, and the brewers over at RJ Rockers use fresh peaches from their home state to create a juicy flavor that you can’t fake with artificial ingredients. The peachy aroma advertises the juiciness to come, and the fruit is prominent in the taste as well. That taste is also infused with tones of caramel and wheat, so there is some complexity to this peach-inspired brew.

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