October 2017 Beer of the Month Craft Brews

spider-bite-beer-co-boris-the-spider-stout-image - CopySpider Bite Beer Co. – Boris the Spider Russian Imperial Stout

Leave it to the Spider Bite Beer Company to make you beg for another stiff bite. They created Boris the Spider with six malts and a single hop variety, but don’t let that mislead you. Just as a spider can jump from the shadows and take prey by surprise, the bitterness in this Russian Imperial Stout may deliver an unexpected rush. Millennium hops are used to introduce an herbal spice character that isn’t quite tamed by the background of malty sweetness. Boris the Spider pours an intense black and is topped by a hearty mound of dark foam. The aroma jumps from the bottle with a complex mix of chocolate, caramel, coffee and a light toasted quality. With an ABV of 11.2 percent, you will feel Boris bite.

spider-bite-beer-co-first-bite-pale-ale-imageSpider Bite Beer Co. – First Bite Pale Ale

The first bite is always bittersweet, and this American Pale Ale is no exception. The sting comes on strong with a bold citrus aroma that puts the Chinook, Cascade and Columbus hops in charge. The spicy herbal scent is followed by a complex flavor that allows the bitterness to win out over the sweet Vienna and Two-Row malts. You can expect a malty core that attempts to put out the fire, but the bitter bite will always win the battle. First Bite Pale Ale has an ABV just over six percent and pairs well with a variety of foods. This is a first bite that you will want to repeat.

arcadia-brewing-company-sky-high-rye-imageArcadia Brewing Company – Sky High Rye

If you appreciate a spicy rye character in your beer, get ready for a mouthful with Sky High Rye. This Rye Pale Ale may put you in a good mood with an ABV of six percent and a recipe that includes Rye, Wheat and Pilsner malts. 20 percent of the malt content is rye, which adds a spicy character that blends well with the Simcoe, Summit and Centennial hops. You can expect hints of pine and some juicy fruits in the background, but the flavor is all about the bitter hops and spiced rye. When it’s time to elevate your drinking session, climb to the sky with this golden brew capped by a lacey mound of foam and finalized with a touch of lingering sediment.

arcadia-brewing-company-cheap-date-imageArcadia Brewing Company – Cheap Date

Whip out your tallest beer glasses before indulging in this Cheap Date. The brewers at Arcadia have crafted a Session Pale Ale that goes light on the alcohol and deep on the foam. The sudsy bubbles are powered by intense carbonation, so you get a tall glass of golden brew with a slight haze. The melon hops make a strong appearance in the aroma, along with a blend of berries to get your taste buds excited. The Simcoe and Citra hops join the melon to create a bitter flavor that is backed up by subtle sweetness from Pilsner malts. It all leads up to a Cheap Date that goes well with salads and other light meals.

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