Corona Beer Gifts

Corona Beer Gifts

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If you are tired of drinking domestic beer, perhaps it’s time to switch to an import, and if you want to check out an import, then make it the leading import beer in the United States: Corona. Corona beer gift baskets are also a great way to show the special people in your life how much they are appreciated. Your thoughtful and enjoyable Corona beer gifts from BeerGifts.com will always be remembered, and will be a hit at any get together.

Corona has not only an exceptional taste but also a long and interesting history. While most people believe the origin of Corona begins in Mexico because that is where it is brewed, like most popular beers throughout the world, its story begins in Germany. In 1925, German immigrants established Grupo Modelo, which was the largest brewery in Mexico at the time. In addition to creating a top-notch beer, they also designed a new bottle for the beer, and this bottle has become an internationally recognized symbol of excellence in brewing.

Only ten years after Corona was first made available, it became the top-selling beer in Mexico. U.S. citizens visiting Mexico fell in love with the beer, but export sales to the country’s northern neighbor would not begin until 1976. Corona caught on quickly with the masses in the U.S., and it was so popular that supply could not keep up with demand. A black market sprung up and flourished until the brewery could be expanded, and in the mid-1990s, Corona became America’s number one import beer.

Today, Corona is sold in more than 150 different countries around the world, and it remains as popular as ever here in the U.S. At BeerGifts.com, we are proud to carry a large selection of Corona beer gift baskets and other Corona beer gifts. Whether you just want to say thank you with the Corona Coolness three-beer basket or throw a large party with the Crazy for Corona gift basket, we have you covered. Our prices are affordable, and you can have it shipped by next-day air for speedy delivery.


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Corona Extra

Corona Extra is one of the most popular beer brands manufactured, distributed and marketed by Crown Imports. The brand was first released to the Mexican market in 1925, and it was presented as an easy-going, fun-loving brew that was perfect for afternoons in the sunshine or evenings by the beach campfire. The light and highly drinkable beer was quickly embraced by beer enthusiasts, and it was introduced to the American market 56 years later.

Once a Winner…

You know how it goes, once a winner, always a winner. Corona Extra is the perfect example of a winner that stays on top of the market generation after generation. After more than 80 years of success in Mexico and more than 30 years on the crowded American market, it continues to rank as one of the most popular beers with drinkers in all social classes.

There are hundreds of competitors out there, and many of them have come and gone, but Corona Extra is still stocked in thousands of stores and served in a growing list of bars and pubs. It's one of those beers that you almost expect to see when you head out for a drink.

This was a popular beer soon after it hit the American market, but it has an impressive track record to this day. It's the top-selling imported beer in the county. How does it compare when stacked up against all beers sold within the U.S.? It comes in at number five.

Is It Just the Branding?

Corona Extra strikes a chord with so many beer drinkers because it's not a serious brew that you need to sit and slowly savor. It doesn't have a complex aroma or flavor, so there's no pressure to spend time peeling back the layers and enjoying everything that it has to offer.

This is the kind of beer that you open at a party, while on vacation, or when hanging out on the front porch in the summer. It's easygoing. It encourages you to relax and have a good time, even if that means guzzling down a few cold beers without much thought. The low alcohol content and smooth texture allow you to simply drink and enjoy the moment.

It's true that smart marketing has associated relaxation and lighthearted celebration with Corona Extra, but it's not all about the marketing. The brewers crafted this beer with the intention of living up to that carefree reputation. They did this by keeping it light, by creating a sunshine-yellow color with bubbling white foam, and by ensuring that every sip goes down easy.

Inside Corona Extra

Have you noticed that so many beers now contain three or more malts and/or a complex blend of hops? What about the trend toward unique and trademarked yeast strains? There's a time and place for experimental brews, and you may enjoy slowly savoring every sip of a heavy beer, but Corona Extra keeps it simple with the following basic ingredients:

  • Filtered water
  • Malted barley
  • Hops
  • Corn
  • Yeast

One basic malt and an unidentified hop variety along with corn and just enough yeast. This is how you create a beer that remains at the top of the market for generations. It's a classic beer that allows everyone to have a good time, and there's always a market for good times.

You can now buy Corona Extra in cans and bottles up to 24 ounces. It's easy to find this beer at convenience stores, liquor stores, and supermarkets. It's also an option at many bars and pubs, and it's so well known that everyone will know what you want instantly if you request it at the bar. When you want to give someone a gift, but you don't know what beers they enjoy, this is a safe option to send the perfect message.