Fall Beer Gifts

Fall Beer Gifts

Our team at Beer Gifts enjoys the fall season with it's splendor of changing leaves, bright sunny days and a crisper chill in the air. Our fall gifts for this fun filled season include Oktoberfest style brew boxes, fall beer baskets and autumn style craft microbrews that will pair well with the bold foods of this special time of year.

Fall Festivities: OktoberFest and Autumn Fun!

In 2010, the Oktoberfest festival in Germany lasted until the first Monday in October, to mark the 200-year anniversary of the event. In celebration of this old German tradition we are offering a few special Oktoberfest beer gifts to send to family and friends. Featuring for the month of October Spaten Oktoberfest beer created in 1872, and is the world's first Oktoberfest beer. Also featuring in celebration .. Paulaner Hefe-Weizen and Paulaner Oktoberfest Marzen hearty favorites seasonally made for Oktoberfest. Weihenstephaner Festbier is a Bavarian Festbier that is a seasonal selection brewed in the world's oldest working brewery located in Bavarian, north of Munich, Germany.

Fall's Favorite Brews you'll find in our Gifts

Brooklyn Brewery - Brooklyn, NY. - Oktoberfest
As an authentic Märzen Oktoberfest Lager, Oktoberfest from the Brooklyn Brewery is only available from August through October. This seasonal brew hits the shelf along with many other Oktoberfest and pumpkin spice beers, but it stands out from the norm by including only the finest quality German hops and malts. This includes Melanoidin, Caramunich, Dark Munich, Light Munich, Carafoam and Belgian Aromatic malts as well as Mittelfrueh, Challenger and Hallertauer hops. The recipe is finalized by the addition of Brooklyn Brewery's special Oktoberfest Lager yeast, so you can expect a warm, bready aroma that backs up the full-bodied brew soon to cross your lips.

If you're going to kick it with an Oktoberfest beer, why not go for one that includes hops and malts straight from Germany? Every sip of this authentic Märzen beer delivers the sweet malty flavor that you crave along with the spice that you expect from the season. It all ends with a light touch of bitterness to tickle your taste buds in all the right ways. With an ABV of 5.5, this is the perfect beer to drink by the campfire or with someone special on a chilly night. It also pairs well with most everyday foods from burgers and pizza to your mama's favorite casserole and everything in between. 'Tis the season to connect with others over a German-inspired beer.

Flying Fish Brewing Company Somerdale, NJ. - OktoberFish
When September rolls around, Flying Fish Brewery fans start watching for the release of their seasonal Oktoberfish beer. With a strong taste of bread underscored by subtle malty sweetness, this is a great beer to combine with bratwurst or other fall festival foods. If you enjoy hanging out by a campfire or attending outdoor sporting events, this is a beer that you might savor while making s'mores or relaxing on the front porch on a cool night. The brew is deep red when poured into a glass, but the head is minimal and doesn't always hang around to the last drop. Crafted with four European malts and a combination of Crystal and Horizon hops, this is a beer that will leave you feeling warm and satisfied. If you enjoy the hoppy flavor with a touch of malts, drink up while you can because this beer goes out of season on November 1.

Left Hand Brewing Company Longmont, CO. - Oktoberfest Märzen Lager
Set a bottle of Oktoberfest Märzen Lager on the table when you're serving bratwurst, Philly cheese steak, and your spiciest cold-weather foods. Brewed from Hallertau Mittelfrüh and CTZ hops and a combination of Pilsner and Munich malts, this is a balanced fall lager presented by none other than the Left Hand Brewing Company. Expert brewers start crafting their signature Oktoberfest beer in the spring, but it takes at least two months before they'll pronounce it ready for consumption. This insistence on perfection has guided the brewery to a hearty collection of fans in Longmont, Colorado, and some of their popular labels are now reaching beer enthusiasts across the country. If you enjoy a beer that puts out a spicy aroma and then follows through with bold flavors of toasted malts, you may consider yourself a Left Hand fan as well. While you don't get much of a head with this brew, every sip finishes with the rich spice that only high-quality hops can deliver.

Tommyknocker Brewery Springs, CO. - Small Patch Pumpkin Ale
When the leaves start to fall and the air takes on that fall chill, the brewers at Tommyknocker Brewery whip out the fresh pumpkin and get ready to distribute their Small Patch Pumpkin Ale. The release of this malty brew is an August tradition, but it's difficult to find after October if you don't stock up during the harvesting season. This is a true brown ale that fills your glass with a dark, medium-bodied liquid that looks slightly orange in the right light. Add a moderate level of carbonation and a thin layer of foam that dies away as you drink, and you have a highly drinkable fall beer. Pumpkin is added to the brew kettle and the mash, and the brew is seasoned with a bit of nutmeg, cinnamon, and other traditional pumpkin pie flavors. The end result is an intense aroma and a laid-back flavor that allows you to drink more than one in a sitting without sensory overload.

Yuengling Brewery Pottsville, PA - Oktoberfest
The Yuengling Brewery is known as "America's Oldest Brewery," but the company also boasts a family legacy with deep German roots. The company was founded over 100 years ago by an immigrant from Germany and remains under the operation of family, so it only makes sense that the Yuengling brewers craft an Oktoberfest brew that stays true to that heritage. They have created a recipe that allows roasted malts to burst with sweet flavor while the hops kick in with just a touch of bitterness. This is the balance expected of a traditional Oktoberfest, and this brewery is all about traditional sophistication.

Oktoberfest will pour into your glass with a deep orangish-copper color that gives off warmth and tempts you to relax. It features a thin head of dense off-white foam that gradually drops down to a subtle cap and some sticky lacing. It puts out an earthy aroma that is just as complex as the flavor profile. It starts with caramel sweetness and piles on layers of herbal and spicy hops with a bit of grain and a slightly nutty character. The flavor explodes with brown sugar and caramelized malts, but the hops kick in to create a more balanced impact. This is an easy-to-drink beer that is a bit on the creamy side.

Shipyard Brewing Company Portland, OR. - Pumpkinhead Ale
A seasonal favorite for the Fall Harvest! Shipyard's Pumpkinhead Ale is a crisp and refreshing wheat ale with fresh aromatics and subtle spiced flavor.

Spoetzl Brewery - Oktoberfest
Since 1996, one thing has remained constant in the beer world: The Spoetzl Brewery releases their Marzen-style Oktoberfest beer every fall. This brew is bottled and distributed under the Shiner brand name, but it's one of the best Spoetzl products. The experience starts with a deep orange color that may remind you of pumpkins. You may appreciate the thin white head that offers delicate lacing along the sides of our glass, but what makes the drink worth remembering is the way it glides smoothly across your lips and down your throat. This is a highly drinkable and well-balanced seasonal beer that features the sweetness of traditional German malts along with just a touch of bitter hops. This is why the brew has won gold, bronze and silver medals from the Australian International Beer Awards. Other accomplishments include a 2011 European Beer Star and a gold medal from the 2012 Great American Beer Festival.

Abita Brewing Co. Covington, LA. - Octoberfest
When September rolls around, make room in your fridge for a few bottles of Octoberfest from the Abita Brewing Company. It's only available until November, but it's one of the more noteworthy Octoberfest beers brewed in honor of Germany's most celebrated annual festival. With the bitter touch of German Hallertau hops and a well-chosen blend of sweet malts, this is a beer that fills your mouth with pleasure and washes down smooth. While the invigorating aroma of citrusy hops takes center stage as you pour the deep copper beer into your favorite glass, you won't miss out on the malts when the flavor hits your mouth. You may also take pleasure in watching the creamy layer of foam rise to the top of your glass, settling back to reveal a comforting pattern of lacing. While some fall beers rest on their malts, Abita's brewers give their take on Octoberfest more of a hoppy kick.