Fat Tire Set for Two
Fat Tire Set for Two Beer Gift Box

Fat Tire Set for Two


What do you send someone special when a six pack of brew will hit the wrong note? We're talking about extraordinary moments that you wish you could seal with a hug and one glass of the finest beer. These are the times when sitting down with a special person would mean the world to you, but that experience isn't always possible in this crazy-busy life. That doesn't mean that you have to miss out entirely because this unique beer box will hit a tone of elegance, sophistication, and grace on your behalf. You'll create a moment to remember from the following ingredients:

  • One Bottle of Fat Tire Ale (22 oz.)
  • 2 New Belgium Classic Globe Glasses

When you're planning an unforgettable greeting for someone you miss, send this Fat Tire gift set to get the reunion started on a pleasant note. This box is also the perfect way to warm up a room before you make your grand arrival. Whether the glasses are filled in your absence or by your hands personally, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing that one extraordinary moment was forever marked in time. These are the moments that create a lifetime worth remembering, so you don't want to let even one slip by without paying the proper respects. Toast to happy times. Sip through the sad times. Tip your glass as life makes a major shift. There are a million reasons to send this elegant Fat Tire gift box, so bookmark it for fast and easy future orders.

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PLEASE NOTE: We cannot ship beer to the following states: Kentucky, Mass, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota & Utah.

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