Father's Day Beer Gifts

Father's Day Beer Gifts

Beer Gifts Dad will Love!

Fatherís Day is one of the most important family holidays of the year, and everyone wants their fathers to know just how special they are by showering them with gifts. Unfortunately, when it comes to giving Fatherís Day gifts, many of us are clueless as to what dad, needs or already has. This dilemma has caused an overabundance of unneeded neckties and wallets being wrapped up as presents, but if you want to have a real impact, consider Father's Day beer gifts or Father's Day beer baskets from BeerGifts.com.

Although historians believe that Fatherís Day was first established by the ancient Babylonians 4,000 years ago, it has only been celebrated in the United States for the last 100 years. Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Washington, is credited with founding our modern Fatherís Day on June 19, 1910.

Dodd is said to have come up with the idea at the age of 27 while listening to a Motherís Day sermon in 1909. It only seemed natural to her that if we celebrated mothers, then we should also set aside a special day to celebrate fathers. This occurred to her because she lost her mother when she was only 16, and her father raised six children alone.

Ms. Dodd promoted her idea in much the same way that Anna Jarvis did to make Motherís Day a holiday. She soon garnered the support of the YMCA and the Spokane Ministerial Association, and it spread like wildfire across the U.S. and throughout the world.

In 1916, Woodrow Wilson showed his support for the holiday, and Calvin Coolidge followed suit in 1924. However, Fatherís Day would not be officially recognized until President Lyndon Johnson signed a one-time proclamation in 1966. Finally, in 1972, President Richard Nixon made Fatherís Day a permanent national holiday to be held the third Sunday of June.

If your father already has everything, the best gift you can give is one that does not last forever but brings a burst of momentary joy, precipitating feelings of appreciation that last throughout the year. A few products that fit this bill perfectly are the Father's Day beer gifts and Father's Day beer baskets available at BeerGifts.com.

We offer a wide variety of beer gifts for fathers of all types. Our gift baskets include several bottles of delicious beer from the top craft breweries in the country, and they can be purchased in several sizes and at a range of price points. However, if you believe your father would like beer accessories, we have plenty from which to choose. A set of Refresh beer steins from Spiegelau is a popular gift, but we also stock Bavarian beer glass sets and wooden six-pack carriers. However, if you want a gift that keeps on giving, we urge you to consider our Beer of the Month Club.

Awesome Beers your Dad Actually wants this Father's Day

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Chico, Ca. - Nooner Pilsner
Take a classic German-style pilsner and give it the good ol' Sierra Nevada twist. You'll end up with a crisp brew called Nooner Pilsner. This is the brew that you reach for when the good times just can't wait until the end of the day, and they definitely can't wait for the weekend. While it's always five o'clock somewhere, there's no reason to make your taste buds wait. This brew is loaded with Acidulated, Pilsner, Munich and Two-Row Pale malts as well as Strisselspalt, Saphir and Tettnanger hops. German Perle hops are added just to ensure the sweet malts give way to something bitter.

When you pour yourself a Nooner, expect a deep golden glow topped by a decent crown of bubbly white foam. That foam clings to your glass, creating just enough lacing to keep your interest. The grassy aroma will greet your nose first, but the malts are quick to follow with a touch of sweetness. That's a fair representation of what you should expect from the flavor. It's a well-balanced product of citrus, floral and cracker notes that allow every taste to go down smooth. With light carbonation, this is the perfect beer for a relaxing afternoon.

New Belgium Brewing Co, Fort Collins CO. - New Belgium - Watermelon Lime Ale
Watermelon Lime Ale from the New Belgium Brewing Company starts out like many other summer beers. Ale yeast is combined with Nugget hops and a combination of Caramel-80 and Pale malts. The Brewers than add two ingredients that turn this seasonal brew into a treat for your taste buds: watermelon and lime peel. If there's anything that may remind you of summertime, it's a slice of juicy watermelon. That ingredient is what hits your nose first when open a bottle of Watermelon Lime Ale, so make sure to pack it up for every picnic and load up the coolers for every backyard barbecue. While the watermelon is what you'll notice first when opening this beer, you may also detect hints of strawberry, lime and cucumber. Allow it to fill your glass, and it will reward you with a light head of pristine white foam. The color may rival the sun on a bright day, but the golden liquid is occasionally greeted by a floating particle or two. The flavor allows a light sweetness to mingle with slight sour notes, and you'll end each sip feeling a little more refreshed. This isn't a bitter beer, and the ABV is kept to 5 percent, so you can kick back and enjoy more than one when it's time for summer fun.