Father's Day Favorites
Father's Day Favorites Beer Gift Box

Father's Day Favorites


Think of all the reasons you have to appreciate and respect your father. Perhaps you acknowledge the sacrifices that he has made on your behalf. Maybe he's your role model or you respect the way he has handled difficult decisions in his life. This doesn't just include your biological father. It can include any man who has taken the time to guide you in a fatherly way. If you haven't expressed your gratitude or the depths of your love lately, there's no better time than Father's Day. You can tell the old man exactly how you feel by sending a father's day beer gift box loaded with the following dad-friendly goodies:

  • 3 Bottles of Summer Craft Beer (assorted)
  • Iced Lemon Butter Cookie
  • Smoky California Almonds
  • Salty Pretzels
  • Cheese Straws

Whether you're sending a beer gift basket to a new dad with a small baby at home or a seasoned dad with grown children out roaming the world, he deserves a trophy for taking on one of the world's most difficult jobs. The trophy-shaped cookie included in this beer basket will do the trick, and the collection of three summer beers will encourage him to call a time out on life. Whether he's enjoying the beer alone because you're too far away to deliver a proper Father's Day hug or you're around to share in the bubbly goodness, this is a unique gift that most dads will appreciate far more than yet another tie. Even if your father is one of those men who doesn't easily express their emotions, you can touch his heart in a powerful way by sending a basket of beer his way.

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