Golfers Hole in One Beer Gift
Golfers Hole in One Beer Gift Box

Golfers Hole in One Beer Gift


If your idea of a good day involves walking a pristine golf course with a club in one hand and a cold imported beer in the other, we've created the golf gift of your dreams. This is one that you may want to send to yourself just because you deserve it, but don't forget your favorite caddy, your golfing buddies and every beer lover on your holiday gift list. While there are just two items tucked into this elegant gift box, they create a memorable duo that will make any beer lover and golf enthusiast smile:

  • Bottle of Heineken (22 oz.)
  • Hand-Painted Pilsner Glass (24 oz.)

This is a pilsner glass that will make drinking through the holidays more festive. Each glass is painted by hand to reflect the greenery and lights of the Christmas season. It's a piece of beer-inspired art that fits beautifully with the 22-ounce bottle of pale lager beer crafted by one of the best-known Dutch breweries in the world. It's a brand name that boasts quality and promises satisfying flavor, and that makes it one of the coolest beer gifts that you could give over the holidays. If you would love nothing more than to take someone special out to the golf links and play a few rounds, this is the perfect way to pass that desire on despite your distance. It's time to book a unique tee time that someone worthy will never forget.

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