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Guinness Beer Gifts

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Although it has several unique characteristics, Guinness is one of the most popular and beloved beers in history, and for many, Guinness beer gifts are the best gifts in the world. The Guinness brewery brews several different styles of beer, but it is famous for Guinness Draught, an Irish stout with a rich, smooth taste. If you know someone who is a big fan, check out the Guinness beer baskets available at BeerGifts.com, where all of your gift-giving needs can be met quickly and affordably.

The Guinness brewery was founded by Arthur Guinness in 1759 when he signed a 9,000-year lease for an existing brewery in Dublin, Ireland, that went out of business. Only ten years later, he began exporting a selection of ales to England. However, he drastically cut back on the choices offered when the public demand for stout and porter grew. For more than 100 years afterward, Guinness Draught, Guinness Extra Stout and Guinness Foreign Extra Stout were the only beers the company produced, but since then, several additions have been made to the lineup.

Guinness is a dark beer with a thick creamy head when poured slowly over the course of two minutes into specially designed pint glasses. It is noted for tasting very little like a traditional beer, and it possesses a strong yet very drinkable malt flavor. The creamy head comes from the use of nitrogen in addition to carbon dioxide, and the tiny bubbles are notable for rising in the center of the glass but falling again along the sides.

At BeerGifts.com, we cater to beer lovers of all kinds, including those who have a taste for Guinness. Our selection of Guinness beer gifts is sure to please any fan, and packages are available at several price points. Small Guinness beer baskets, such as the Pair of Guinness Gift Box and the Guinness & Goodtimes Beer Gift Basket, are great ways to say thank you while the Guinness Greatness Beer Gift Basket is like a party just waiting to begin. In addition, we offer Guinness tee shirts and tulip beer glasses with the signature harp logo.

Our Selection of Guinness Beers

Guinness Blonde American Lager
When brewers at Guinness had the bright idea to create their Discovery Series, they chose a pale lager as their first project. The goal was to combine their well-known Guinness yeast with classic brewing techniques from Europe and the finest American malts and hops. After many strategy sessions with brewers from Europe and America, this first fusion experiment resulted in the creation of Guinness Blonde American Lager. This is a satisfying brew that starts with a light citrus-infused aroma and ends with a lasting taste of malts. The combination of Willamette, Mosaic and Mount Hood hops ensures a complex flavor that comes alive with floral, citrus and slightly spiced notes. Once properly introduced to your palate, this is the beer that you may crave when you want to kick back with a brew that gives you something to think about. The intense aroma meets your nose with a spicy kick, and then the foam rises to the top of your glass with satisfying energy. That foam will stick around as you sip, eventually settling down to delicate lacing.

Guinness Foreign Extra Stout
Sometimes you need something dark, rich and topped with a foamy head. Those are the times that you reach for a tall glass and fill it to the brim with Guinness Foreign Extra Stout. This is one dark beer that will hit your nose with an intense roasted aroma. Due to the enticing scent, you'll pick up on the sweet fruit qualities and satisfying malty tones before the beer even reaches your mouth. Brewed with a generous helping of hops and infused with an amplified volume of alcohol, this is the type of brew that you take seriously. It's the beer that you pull out when the opportunity to relax with someone special or to spend time alone comes around. The intricate taste encourages you to take another sip. The lingering warmth tempts you to pour another glass. The blend of bitterness and sweetness is enriched by the hint of smoke, creating a bittersweet dark beer with enough alcohol to ensure that you feel the buzz. It also delivers on the foam if that's what makes a beer pleasurable for you.

Guinness & Co. - Milk Stout
Guinness Milk Stout is part of the Brewers Project, which is the brand's effort to offer beers that are distinct from the traditional Guinness brew. This beer is distributed to a smaller network of retailers and brings a new level of luxury to the market. The drinking experience starts with the rich head of creamy foam that rises to the top of every glass and ends with the silky-smooth mouthfeel and the memorably sweet finishing note. This is a dark beer crafted from more than 200 years of passion, commitment, and experimentation. That's what it takes to produce a winning milk stout worthy of the Guinness brand name.

Guinness recommends that you enjoy their Milk Stout with an old friend, but this is a fulfilling beer that you may also want to keep to yourself. It's the perfect night cap, whether you're shaking off a stressful day by the fire or you're wrapping up with someone special for a night of romance. It offers a sweet roasted, slightly smoked aroma backed up by hints of chocolate and coffee. You can expect a creamy, rich toffee flavor with a hint of sweetness that comes from the addition of lactose sugar. Then the bitterness hits, and you realize that you're enjoying a sophisticated milk stout with layers of flavor to explore. This beer has an ABV of 5 percent, so feel free to relax with more than one glass if desired.

Guinness & Co. - Dublin Porter
Consider Guinness Dublin Porter a flashback to the 1790s with a splash of the modern world. The original recipe was created by Arthur Guinness in 1796 and was recorded in a diary. It took more than 200 years and the inspiration of modern brewers to bring that recipe to the U.S. While following Arthur's original vision, the pros at Guinness fine tuned this sweet porter for today's beer enthusiasts.

This is one of the first porters that Guinness released to the American market, and it's only available in 11.2-ounce bottles. With an ABV of less than four percent, this is a light beer that delivers an intense malty experience. It may hit the spot when you're ready for a satisfying splurge.

When you open a bottle of Dublin Porter, expect a subtle but well-balanced aroma. When you're ready to stop sniffing and start pouring, it bursts into the glass a vibrant red with a generous serving of bubbling foam. With the first sip, you're ready to journey back to the 1790s in true Guinness style. The flavor is sweet, but the Yakima and US Golding hops come through with a gentle slap of bitterness. It's only fitting that Guinness would go down in history with a light beer sweet enough to put a happy ending on any celebration.

Irish Beer Gifts Delivered Nationwide

St. Patrick’s Day originated as an Irish holiday, but in the past century, it has transcended cultural boundaries to become celebrated by people of all nationalities from around the world. Ireland is known as the home of Guinness beer, and enjoying a couple of beers in a responsible manner is a great way to usher in the spring festivities. An even greater way to do so, however, is with Irish beer gifts and St. Patrick’s Day beer gift baskets. St. Patrick is the patron saint of Ireland, and he is said to have passed on March 17 in the year 493. He is popularly known for ridding the country of snakes, and in 1588, an annual feast day in honor of St. Patrick began on the anniversary of his death. In the centuries that followed, many Irish people immigrated to other countries around the world, but they continued to celebrate the feast of St. Patrick wherever they went.

Today, St. Patrick’s Day is a government holiday in Ireland and Northern Ireland, but in the United States, it is an unofficial holiday that is widely celebrated. As the old saying goes, “Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day.” Parades are held and beer is enjoyed as people from all backgrounds regale in all things Irish. On St. Patrick’s Day, we wear green and listen to Irish folk music, or we join one of the many sing-alongs. What helps those songs get started are a few delicious beverages, and what helps even more is when they are given as gifts. Irish beer gifts for St. Patrick’s Day are thoughtful and show that you appreciate your friends and family.

At BeerGifts.com, we have developed a large selection of Irish beer gift baskets for St. Patrick’s Day or any day of the year. Many of these attractive beer gifts are filled with bottles of Guinness Draught and Guinness Extra Stout, but if you are a fan of Irish red ale, we also have something for you. In addition to beer baskets for St. Patrick’s Day, you can also enjoy a holiday tee shirt, a set of Guinness tulip glasses and a subscription to our exclusive BeerGifts.com Beer of the Month Club.

We Use Only the Top Irish Beers in our Gifts

Murphy's Irish Red
When a small brewery by the name of Lady's Well Brewery opened in Ireland in 1856, no one could imagine that it would one day become an acquisition of Heineken International. The first shift was to the Murphy's Brewery name, but it was eventually purchased by Heineken and transformed into a brand appreciated around the world. Murphy's Irish Red was created by Heineken brewers with the intention of appealing to Americans and other international beer drinkers. The brew is now one of the brand's leading exports, and it may turn into your favorite deep red beer. It's best enjoyed by pouring it into a glass to savor the intense amber color with beautiful orange highlights. The head rises up proudly and then dies back, leaving some lacing along the sides of your glass. The flavor is intensely sweet with a blend of caramel and toffee, but it pairs beautifully with cabbage and other Irish foods.

Smithwick's Irish Ale
You'll understand why the Smithwick's brand is widely appreciated in Ireland once the aroma produced by their Irish Ale hits your nose. The company was formed in 1710 and remains an Irish favorite because they continue to produce clean, refreshing beers that give drinkers an opportunity to taste something good while stepping away from the stress of daily life. The Irish Ale experience starts out with a brisk fruity aroma with floral hop accents and the biscuity appeal of caramel malts. It pours a deep ruby red that is clear and topped by a creamy head. The flavor is slightly toasty from the inclusion of roasted barley, but the expert brewers have created a perfect balance between the sweet ale malts and the bitter hops. If there was one beer that could appeal to dark brew lovers as well as those who prefer to keep it on the lighter side, this Irish Ale would fit. It goes down smooth without overpowering your favorite meal, so set it on the dinner table or pour a glass for lunch.

Harp Lager Beer
Few beers have a history with as many twists and turns as Harp Lager. This Euro pale lager was first introduced by Guinness in 1960, but it has changed brewers and distributors multiple times over the years. Due to a following of fans and adequate interest from brewers around the world, the beer continues to hit shelves in multiple countries today. The initial brew was crafted from pure water sourced from the Cooley Mountains in Dundalk, which was the location of the starting brewery. The ingredient list of the recipe used today is unknown, but the Dundalk brewery is no longer in operation and the beer is produced in multiple countries. The beer delivers intense flavors of grain with moderate sweetness. While it may look like a dark beer from the brown bottle, it pours a golden yellow with a mild aroma. With a tall head of foam that holds its own sip after sip, this is the type of brew that goes down smooth while you're watching the game or relaxing on a sunny afternoon.

George Killian's Irish Red
George Killian's Irish Red is the type of beer that you keep in the fridge for long nights, special dinners and impromptu celebrations. While the flavor isn't too intense, it does deliver a satisfying malty sweetness backed by bready notes of enthusiasm. With a full body and just the right touch of carbonation, you can count on Irish Red to blend well with any food that you put on the table. It also goes well with a variety of sweet and salty snacks, so bring it out when you're ready to celebrate or when you just need a little comfort. With a delicate blend of sweet malts and citrus-inspired hops, this beer goes down smooth enough to justify everyday drinking. It also offers a generous off-white head that bubbles to the top of your glass, encouraging you to pour another and another. While this ruby red brew was originally created by one brewer interested only in having a good time with friends, it's now one of the most popular beers produced and distributed by Coors.

Beer Lovers for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is a holiday known for parades, shamrocks and all things Irish our brew gifts are created in the same spirit of celebration. Created with flair and fun these St. Patrick's Day Beer Gifts include a variety of Irish beers, award winning snacks and shamrock cookies. Take pride in sending Irish Joy to family, friends, clients and staff.

A bit of history about Ireland's long history of Brewing. By beginning of the nineteenth century there were over two hundred breweries in the country, fifty-five of them in Dublin. During the nineteenth century the number of breweries fell to about fifty, and today only about 12.

From it's golden history Ireland produced ale, without the use of hops as these are not native to Ireland. Even in the late 18th century hops were not used, when almost all other countries had adopted the use of them as an ingredient to preserve and flavour their beer. The Irish keep the history up to date with unique types that are featured in our St. Patrick's Day Gift Boxes.

St Patrick's Day Gifts

A bit about the Irish Beers Featured in our St. Patrick's Day Gift Baskets: Murphy's Red Ale- A well balanced Irish beer with full bodied flavor offering a refreshing specialty flavor with hints of malt and caramel. Guinness Foreign Extra- A unique medium lively bodied brew with a total black body offering an aromatic punch. Flavors of spice, dark chocolate and bitter hops, green herbs, and earthy coffee grounds are present And provide great individuality for this pick. George Killian's Irish Red- Irish lager with caramel malts with a rich red color and distinctive taste. Smithwick's Irish Ale - Subtle aromas with a clean bite considered on the top of the charts for Irish beers.

Irish Beers to Give this year on Saint Pat's Day

Guinness & Co. - Black Lager
Don't let the initial sweetness of Guinness Black Lager tease you. While this dark lager does start out with a strong kick of roasted malts, each sip is guaranteed to end with a pleasant bite of bittering hops. Consider it an enticing drink that flirts a little and then gives you something to remember. The aroma will continue the game by delivering light touches of fruit and flowers followed by a roasted depth that sticks in your nose. You may notice the crisp and refreshing quality when you take that first sip, but the smooth, creamy mouthfeel is what will keep you stocking the fridge for future indulgences.

The brewers at Guinness implemented a cold-brewing process when creating their Black Lager recipe. They utilize high-quality Cascade and Saaz hops along with just the right does of roasted barley to create the strong aroma and layered flavor profile that is now one of their leading beers. While this black beer isn't available in the United States, it is pleasing taste buds in other parts of the world. When you can get your hands on a bottle, you may want to fill up the fridge and save it for a rainy day. Who doesn't need a gentle flirt and a kiss of hops from time to time?

Guinness & Co. - Draught
Do you like your beer dark, creamy and stiff with hops? If so, you may consider Draught from Guinness one of your favorite brews. It pours into the glass with licorice black coloring all the way up to the creamy foam that rises to the head. While it kicks off with a bitter bite that comes from high-quality hops, the brewers balanced it out with sweet malts. There's a roasted quality to the flavor that may take you from gingerly sipping to heartily slurping one glass after another. With an ABV rating barely over four percent, this is one dark beer that gives you the freedom to enjoy more than one glass when needed.

Keep in mind that Draught is a nitrogenized brew. This means that it's infused with nitrogen to smooth out some of the sharp pricks of carbonation. The brewers created a careful balance between the nitrogen and carbon dioxide, so you won't miss those little pricks entirely. The intensely malt aroma with overtones of coffee only make the drinking experience more rewarding, so consider Draught the perfect pick when you want something dark and smooth with a well-balanced flavor profile and just the right kick of carbonation.