Halloween Beer Gifts

Halloween Beer Gifts

As a kid, Halloween may have been your favorite holiday of all time, but when we get older, it seems to lose some its magic. However, Halloween doesn’t have to be all about trick-or-treating, and adults can have just as much or even more fun than kids do. All you need are the right accessories, food, drinks and gifts. While the holiday has nothing to do with it, October marks the mid-autumn season when it is time to harvest an abundance of delicious vegetables, and nothing speaks of this more than the pumpkin. At the same time, this month has traditionally been reserved by many cultures, including German, Austrian, and Bavarian, for the popular beer celebration known as Oktoberfest.

In the U.S., we tend to combine Halloween harvests with the beer festivals of the Old World, and several specialty beers are brewed featuring seasonal grains and fresh hops. Hundreds of seasonal beers hit the shelves in October, and all of these autumn favorites are even more special when they are served at a party attended by close friends and family. What is even better, however, is when the beer is a gift that comes in packaging designed for the occasion and is accompanied by an assortment of sweet, salty and savory snacks.

At BeerGifts.com, we carry a full selection of Halloween beer boxes that include some of the top Autumn beers from U.S. craft brewers. Pumpkinhead from Shipyard Brewing has been popular year after year, and Punk’n from Uinta Brewing in Salt Lake City has been a favorite since it was first crafted in 1993. Other tasty selections that make great gifts include Black Jack Porter from Left Hand Brewing Company and Dead Guy Ale from Rogue Brewing, which is unlike any beer you have tasted.

In addition to Halloween beer gifts, we also carry Halloween beer accessories at BeerGifts.com. If you want to treat your beer-enthusiast friends to a present they will always treasure, a black leather growler cover is just the ticket, or for those with simpler Halloween tastes, a Pumpkins Brewin’ pilsner glass hand painted as a jack-o’-lantern may be in order.