Home Brew Kits

Home Brew Kits

Brew Delicious Craft Beer at Home

A creative choice for the home brewer in your life, beer brewing kits are a wonderful way to get creative and produce an amazing beer. We have a variety of home-brew kits available, most of which are priced at $50.00, with a few more premium options available as well. Our Craft a Brew kits include all of the equipment you need to create a classic and tasty beer, including instruction manuals, a thermometer, a burlap brewing bag, sanitizer, a funnel, and more. There are kits available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced home brewers. Our most premium kit, the Mr. Beermasters Select Brew Kit, is perfect for expert brewers who want a challenge and are looking to brew some of the finest beers on the market.

Home brew kits are an outstanding alternative to the more traditional beer gift basket option and are an entertaining activity perfect for any time of the year. All of our craft brew kits include fresh ingredients to make the best beer possible, and many come with reusable beer bottles where you can store your homemade beer. Beer brew kits are a great way to learn about how beer is made, as well as what distinguishes different kinds of beer. Our kits are among the most modern home beer brewing kits in the world, so you can be sure that they are both intuitive and high-quality.

Choose a beer brewing kit for the ultimate beer lover in your life or use it to spice up any party or event. Most of all, use it to make an awesome beer that will be a perfect alternative to the more generic, store-bought brands. There are lots of classic brewing styles to choose from, including smooth Sixpoint IPA, Brown Ale, India Pale Ale, and Evil Jack Pumpkin Ale. Whatever your price point, taste, or skill level, beer gifts has the perfect beer brewing kit for you and your loved ones.

7venth Sun Brewery, Dunedin, FL. - Intergalactic Pale Ale
There's a lot to love about Intergalactic Pale Ale, which is brewed fresh in Dunedin, Florida, by the 7venth Sun Brewery. Every glass starts with a deep golden pour that presents slightly cloudy and steeped with a noticeable hoppy aroma. The scent of fresh orange peel may greet your nose first, but you'll also pick up on a malty sweetness with hints of something spicy to come. A solid white head rises to the top of the glass, keeping every sip flavorful even as it deteriorates to wispy lacing that clings to the side of the glass. Tip your glass up for the first taste, and you'll detect the bitterness of hops sweetly blended to a solid foundation of quality malts. While the citrus is just as obvious to the taste buds as it was to the nose, there are also some undertones of pine and a hint of something toasty. While the sweetness is gratifying, there's a lingering bitterness that makes it clear that this American-style Pale Ale was brewed for the love of the hops.

The best way to enjoy this drinking experience is to visit the 7venth Sun Tasting Room in Dunedin and order a glass straight from the tap. That's when you'll realize that this beer is produced in a small brewery that processes a mere four full barrels of brew at a time. Yet, some may argue that the flavor is on par with beers released from much larger breweries. Perhaps that's because the founders have experience brewing for much larger brands. Watch the medium-bodied brew with moderate carbonation fill your glass. Pause a moment to fully analyze the complex aroma. Lift the glass to your lips, and enjoy the initial sweetness followed by the lingering bitterness. While Intergalactic Pale Ale hasn't brought in the long list of industry awards that many other ales can boast, it is a rewarding experience if you appreciate the strong bite of a hop-inspired beer. A visit to Dunedin allows you to taste a variety of 7venth Sun beers while relaxing in a cozy environment, but not everyone can make the trip. The alternative is to pick up an Intergalactic Pale Ale Home Brewing Starter Kit, which is sometimes marketed as a Recipe Making Kit. Craft a Brew produces the kit while consulting with the brewery, so you have the opportunity to brew your own Intergalactic experience from anywhere in the world.

Sixpoint Brewery, Brooklyn, NY. - Resin IPA
If you're familiar with the Sixpoint Brewery, you know that they produce a limited number of year-round core beers as well as a growing collection of seasonal beers. They released their first brew in 2004 and have also managed to slip in some limited-time-only labels that appear for a short period of time and then disappear forever. When they created their Resin IPA, they crafted an intensely bitter experience that takes full advantage of the natural resins found inside plump, green hop cones. This is a year-round canned beer that joins rank with three other Sixpoint core flavors. It's a new release designed to win over fans for years to come, so no need to panic that it may disappear like those rare brews that you must savor while they're available. Since it was crafted as an authentic India Pale Ale, you can expect a noticeable presence of bitter hops, but you'll also enjoy alcohol content high enough to earn this brew the title of "double IPA." With an ABV value of 9.1 percent and an IBU of 103, this is the most potent core beer produced by the Sixpoint Brewery to date.

Combine the high alcohol content with an intriguing aroma and flavors that scream "hops galore," and you see why the Sixpoint brewers claim that Resin is "strong as an ox." The intensity comes from thoroughly understanding the nature of a hop cone and then employing brewers with the expert knowledge to drain that goodness out of every green cone harvested. This is the science of taking the resins and essential oils from the lupulin gland and combining them with quality malts and other ingredients in order to deliver the intense flavor that hop-lovers crave with just the right balance of sweetness. While the Sixpoint crew has yet to release a list of the exact hops used in their Resin brew, they have stated that they use "citrus, pine, dank and herbal" cones, so you can expect a complicated flavor that will keep you sipping and savoring for an enjoyable drinking session. Each sip starts off with intense pine and grapefruit flavors, but the tropical highlights come in next to balance out that strong explosion of bitterness. While some beer drinkers may not enjoy that in-your-face bitter punch, it will leave a smile on the face of anyone who truly appreciates the natural flavor of hops. Are you ready to pour a true craft beer into your glass right from home? This is the first craft beer that Sixpoint has released in can form, and it comes in a slim can that holds 12 ounces. Savor the hops!