Imported Beer Gifts

Imported Beer Gifts

Imported Brews included in our Gift Baskets

St. Pauli Girl Beer
There comes a time when every man and woman must step away from the intensity of those hop-forward brews and pick up something light, sweet and easy on the taste buds. Those are the times when you may want to grab a bottle of St. Pauli Girl Beer. This premium lager allows the sweet malts to steal the show, but you won't miss the metallic undertones that give each sip some complexity. Brewed by Brauerei Beck & Co./Becks in Bremen, Germany, this light beer is crafted from two-row spring barley, ice-age glacier water, and a unique yeast strain all sourced from Germany.

The hops used to create this beer are sourced from the Hallertau Hop Gardens of southern Germany, and all ingredients are selected for their pure German roots. The result is a sweet beer that puts on a malty show for your dinner party, your birthday celebration or even your late-night pity party at the end of a difficult day. The drinking experience starts with a crisp aroma with earthy tones and ends with enough malt to please your sweet tooth. With an ABV just under five percent, you might consider this an easy-going beer that allows you to drink to your heart's content.

Cervecerķa Modelo Mexico - Corona Extra
A pale lager made in Mexico exclusively for the US this beer is a world wide favorite. Perfect with a wedge of lime or lemon to add tartness and Flavor! A perfect pick for the warmer months.

Sapporo Brewery - Sapporo Premium Beer
It's light and refreshing on a hot day. It gives comfort when there's a chill in the air. The silver can sparkles and shines with elegance. It brings life to your taste buds but still manages to finish clean. For those of you watching your waistline, it's even fat free. It's a premium beer that pairs just as well with a romantic dinner as a rowdy party or a sophisticated brunch with your boss. It's none other than Sapporo Premium Beer.

The Sapporo Brewery manufacturers this beer in the United States and Canada and then distributes it in cans, bottles and kegs. The original goal of the brewers was to craft a well-balanced beer suitable for everyday enjoyment as well as special occasions. Using the finest quality ingredients, they created a light brew with an ABV under 5 percent that makes drinking easy. Whether you pour this beer into a glass or drink it straight from the bottle or can, you're destined for a treat with the tall head on this crisp American pale lager. While it has a grainy flavor, it also offers a touch of sweetness that will linger on your taste buds.

Guinness & Co. Dublin Ireland - Guinness Stout
An Irish dry stout that originated in Dublin back in the 1700's. One of the most popular beer brands worldwide. Flavor is from roasted unmalted barley and aged with a freshly brewed beer flavor.

Estrella Damm Lager
If you want the recipe for a winning beer that fans will line up to taste, start with a well-tested recipe that was crafted in the 1800s. Source the freshest barley, rice, and hops from select farms in the Mediterranean. Get your hands on the finest yeast and protect it with three reserves in different locations. Set up your own malthouse to ensure that you're in complete control of those fresh, flavorful ingredients. Only then can you brew a Mediterranean beer that stands the test of time.

This process is exactly what Estrella Damm follows to this day to create their lager. The original recipe was crafted in honor of the culture and taste of the Mediterranean in the 1800s, and the company remains true to those roots even as many competitors are looking for exotic ingredients and high-tech brewing methods. Estrella Damm lager is also packaged in brown bottles designed to block sunlight, preserving the flavor of this all-natural brew. While Estrella Damm Lager is a light beer, the hops are guaranteed to put on a show with a bitter punch that you can't ignore. The brew is also heavily carbonated, so get ready for an explosion of bubbles if you pour this lager into a glass.

Newcastle Brown Ale
A brown ale that is known as the working man's beer in the UK, it is one of the first beers made in a clear glass bottle. Originated in 1927 by Colonel Jim Porter, today this popular brown ale is one of the most popular imports in the US.

Heineken International - Heineken Lager
Something slightly fruity is in the air. It's called Heineken Lager, and it's brewed with three simple, all-natural ingredients. Pure water is combined with the highest quality malts and barley, creating a bottle of brew that will leave you feeling thoroughly refreshed. Though there is a touch of bitter that your palate will happily detect, it's blended into a smooth golden lager that always finishes clean. When you hold the iconic green bottle with the bright red star in your hands, you know that you're about to taste something legendary. The brisk aroma of ripened fruit greets your nose instantly, and the rise of the foam tells you that it's time to indulge. Since this well-established lager complements any food that is light and wholesome, you may consider this your summertime go-to when you're ready to kick back and enjoy the sunshine with friends. It's also the beer that you want to share with your best friend, your dad or someone equally as important.

Around the World Breweries Featured in our Gifts


Heineken - Logo Image


Most successful breweries are backed by an impressive story that features an innovative founder who takes some level of risk to start a business with no promises of long-term success. Heineken is no different, but this story features a bright young man named Gerard Adriaan Heineken. He was just 22 years old when he stumbled across the Haystack Brewery and decided that he wanted to turn it into the investment of a lifetime.

It was more than 150 years ago that Gerard told his mother about his plans to buy the brewery, and many business professionals would have laughed him out of town had they known what he was going to attempt. The Dutch craft beer market was in the midst of a tragic downhill swing, and many brewers were trying to sell off their businesses to avoid taking an even greater loss. While many were losing faith in the brewing industry as a whole, young Heineken saw it as an opportunity to get into the business at a reasonable price.

Gerard didn't pay much for the Haystack Brewery, and he managed to survive that declining market. With fresh recipes and the business skills needed to push his products around the world, the young man developed what is now one of the most well-known beer brands in existence. Most of this growth occurred by buying out smaller breweries in various countries, so Heineken is now a major producer of beer in the United States, Mexico, and many other countries.

Heineken is now the global brand name for beers from this brewery, but this massive company also operates a growing list of beer labels distributed in select regions of the world. Some of those labels include Amstel, Red Stripe, and Tiger. The company also stands behind quite a few cider brands, including Orchard Thieves and Strongbow Apple Ciders. Each label has its own personality and characteristics, making this one of the more complex brewing companies selling around the world today.

Beer with a Vision

While many microbreweries invest in local charities and take steps to promote eco-friendly brewing standards, few can afford to take sustainability to the level of Heineken facilities. It all starts with the supply chains that support each of the company's beer and apple cider brands. The focus is on small family farmers with five or more household members. This provides jobs at the local level while ensuring that greater control is maintained over crop standards.

It also allows the company to set their own standards when it comes to producing hops and other fresh ingredients needed to make premium-quality beer. Many smaller breweries are now hand-selecting hop farms and other sources for their ingredients, and Heineken is doing the same but on a much larger scale.

When working with family-owned farms and small independent farmers, Heineken stresses the importance of using sustainable farming methods. Each link of the supply chain must agree to abide by the Heineken Supplier Code, which reflects the company's desire to protect the environment at all costs.

Heineken also supports select measures that aim to protect water sources around the world. Since the production of beer depends on a steady supply of quality water, it only makes sense that one of the world's largest producers of beer would invest time and money on this form of conservation and preservation.

The next time that you crack open a can of Heineken or order a bottle while out on the town, feel good about supporting a company that gives back to the environment. You may also want to explore some of the lesser-known beer labels produced by this brand because they represent a wide array of flavor profiles and aromas. You can never have too much Heineken in your life.


Sapporo Brewery Image

Sapporo Brewery

When you see an elegant steel can shining from store shelves or gracing your refrigerator, you know that the Sapporo Brewery is in the house. This sophisticated can has a unique shape that was designed to reflect the tumbler glasses that many beer drinkers use for their favorite brews. The original design featured a removable top, so you could literally pop the top and start sipping as if the can were a tumbler.

The modern design opens more like your typical beer can, but it still features that elegant silver color with a pop of color from the label information. The tumbler shape fits easily in the palm of your hand, adding to the enjoyment of every beer-drinking session. While this can is a signature of the Sapporo brand, the flavors produced by this Japanese brewing company are what keep the fans coming back for more.

The Birth of Japanese Craft Beer

Long before the steel Sapporo can was developed, a brave soul headed out of Japan with big dreams. Seibei Nakagawa was a seventeen-year-old boy who knew that something bigger was waiting for him elsewhere in the world. It was illegal for him to leave Japan at the time, but he packed his bag and found his way beyond those confining borders. He eventually settled in Germany and stumbled upon the growing craft beer movement. Intrigued by the flavor of emerging German brews, he immersed himself in the study of brewing techniques.

Seibei Nakagawa eventually returned to Japan and shared his brewing skills with his loved ones. It wasn't long before he developed a following of fans who wanted to taste his beer and learn more about the brewing process. He founded the Sapporo Brewery in 1876, providing the spark that would ignite the craft brewing movement throughout Japan.

Today, Seibei's business serves as the oldest brewery in Japan and the bestselling Asian beer distributed throughout the United States. The brand emerged on the American market in 1964, but it wasn't until 1984 that Sapporo U.S.A. Incorporated was formed. This American company ensures that all Sapporo beers distributed in the United States meet the quality standards set by the company's Japanese founder. This is how you know that you're tasting the best of Japan when you crack open one of those shiny steel Sapporo beer cans.

The Small but Mighty Beer Collection

Sapporo only markets four beers in the United States and Canada. While this is no competition for many American craft beer labels in terms of variety, those four beers make up for that in flavor and creativity. Only high-quality ingredients are selected, and every batch is designed to represent the Asian craft brewing movement.

If you like your beer dark and intense, you may prefer Sapporo's Premium Black Beer. It pours licorice black with a tall head of off-white foam and delivers a bang of bitter hops in every sip. You can expect chocolate and coffee flavors blended into a malty sweetness. This is a crisp beer that goes down easy, but the flavors are quite robust. This isn't the beer for the faint of heart.

Do you prefer your beer more on the golden side? The classic Sapporo Premium Beer is a lighter option that features a highly balanced flavor profile. This is the beer that you may keep in the fridge for everyday enjoyment, but it's also the perfect option for a rowdy night out in with friends, a ball game or a romantic weekend with someone special. Consider this your all-occasion recipe for a good time.

The final two Sapporo beers available in the United States and Canada include a premium light beer and a full-bodied reserve beer. The light brew is perfect for those who want to drink more than one can in a sitting or who aren't accustomed to strong flavors and high alcohol content. The reserve is great for relaxing evenings when you can fully appreciate the layered flavors and complex aroma.

Sapporo has been around for more than 100 years, and they've managed to change just enough to stay relevant in today's market. When you want to taste something a little different than your standard American craft beer, this brand is ready to please.