IPA Beer Gifts

IPA Beer Gifts

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If you have been keeping up with the evolution of beer and beer drinking in the United States, then you have undoubtedly heard of IPA, but you may know very little about it other than it offers exceptional flavor and higher alcohol content than the lagers distributed by the big beer companies. However, if you have never heard of IPA, you may find it quite suitable to your tastes. We are sure that once you try it, you will be very surprised at how the strong hops flavors play off the light maltiness of the beer. IPA beer gifts are among our most popular items, and we believe this is for a good reason.

While IPA has only recently gained a firm foothold in the U.S., the style has been around for more than 200 years. IPA is an abbreviation for India pale ale, but it was first invented in England. It was designed to have a high hops content and higher alcohol than ordinary beer so that it could more easily survive the four-month to six-month ocean voyage to India.

Overseas workers for the East India Trading Company, civil officials, soldiers and affluent British citizens living abroad demanded fine beer from home, and George Hodgson of Bow Brewery set out to meet this demand sometime around 1801. Over the course of the next several decades, the style was refined and perfected, and it gradually grew a small following in Australia and back home in England. Eventually, India pale ale reached the United States, and domestic craft brewers slightly altered its characteristics for the American palette.

Today, IPA is recognized as one of the most popular styles of beer in the world. We are dedicated to bringing you only the finest selection of IPA gifts and beer baskets. Each finely crafted and delicately packed with colorful decorations and an assortment of snacks. In addition, we feature several styles of IPA in our Beer of the Month club and our Craft a Brew beer brewing kits.

World Class IPA Beers Included in Our Gifts

Rogue Brewing, Newport OR. - Cold Brew IPA
When coffee crosses your mind, consider spicing things up with a tall glass of Cold Brew IPA from Rogue Brewing. This fun beer combines a hop-drenched IPA with Stumptown Coffee Roasters' Cold Brew Coffee, allowing two intense flavors to fuse into something new. While the coffee notes will jump out at your nose as well as your taste buds, you can never count out the hops. The Brewers selected their best hop varieties, highlighting those that mix well with coffee flavors without fading into the background. The outcome is an explosion of flavor that allows coffee and hops to fuse together in one well-balanced act.

While this is an intense flavor combination, Cold Brew IPA still goes down smooth. When a cup of your ordinary Java won't do, you can count on this spiked coffee indulgence to deliver a punch. It flows into your glass a deep brown, but take a moment to look for the reddish highlights if you want your eyes to feast as well as your taste buds. Each glass is capped by a thin mound of foam that gradually dissolves into subtle lacing. While the aroma may remind you of vanilla-flavored coffee, don't expect pure coffee on your tongue. Look forward to a happy blend of coffee, cocoa and bitter hops that brings out the best in a powerful Rogue IPA.

Ballast Point Brewing Company, San Diego Ca. - Sculpin IPA
Sometimes brewers start experimenting to enhance the flavor of an existing product, and they end up creating something completely new. That's what happened at the Ballast Point Brewing Company when they infused their signature IPA with a powerful dose of fresh pineapple. They created a beer that sticks to the traditional profile of an IPA while adding a pineapple twist that has proven popular with many beer enthusiasts. This beer is now known as Pineapple Sculpin IPA, and it's available year-round in cans and bottles. It's also a popular draft option if you visit the brewery in California. From the moment you pour this beer, you know that pineapple is the star of the show. While its apparent in the aroma and takes a lead in the flavor, you can still detect the interplay of hops and malts. It's a delicious departure from the traditional IPA and pairs well with dishes that incorporate citrus fruits and other sweet elements.

Alaskan Brewing Juneau, AK. - Kicker Session IPA
The Alaskan Brewing Company created their Kicker Session IPA to appease their fans who demanded full flavor without an overwhelming dose of alcohol. They also wanted to create a refreshing beer that you can enjoy at any time of day, since many of their fellow Alaskans enjoy the around-the-clock sunlight. They started with their signature glacier-fed water straight from the Juneau Ice Field, and then they pumped it up with a powerful combination of hearty hops. This includes Mosaic, Amarillo, Simcoe and Citra hop varieties. Add premium Two-Row specialty malts, and you have the recipe for a versatile light beer that pairs well with seafood, barbecue, salads and most savory and salty dishes.

What can you expect from a glass of Kicker Session IPA? Hops, hops, and more hops. The drinking experience starts with a fruity aroma that allows grapefruit and tangerine to mingle with sweet malts in the background. It continues with strawberry, grapefruit, tangerine and pine flavors on top of a slightly sweet foundation. You may think of it as a fresh fruit salad trapped in a bottle. That fruity essence is created by those bold hops that give each bottle a satisfying bitterness. It doesn't matter what the clock says when you have a smooth Kicker on hand.

Lagunitas Brewing Company, Lagunitas Ca. - IPA
Don't expect the usual IPA experience when you pick up a bottle from the Lagunitas Brewing Company. Well known for twisting traditional recipes and offering unusual banter on their quirky beer labels, this is a company that will never deliver the expected. In terms of their IPA, this means less hops than you may expect from an India Pale Ale. It'll meet your nose with an earthy pine with just the right touch of citrus, and then your taste buds will enjoy a bit of acidic fruit with floral undertones followed by a spiced finish. The complexity of flavor comes from the use of 43 hop varieties and 65 malts. While you can pick up on the hops, they're not as dominant as you will find in many competing IPAs. This is still one of the leading IPAs produced in California.

Uinta Brewing Co. Salt Lake City, UT. - Detour Double IPA
The Uinta Brewing Company scored worldwide appreciation when they created their Detour Double IPA. With two Australian medals for excellence and medals from the North American Brewers Association and the Denver International Beer Awards, this is a brew that demands attention from beer lovers around the world. This is a light beer that starts out with a noticeable snap of hops but ends with pure malty sweetness. The pine notes announce themselves proudly as you pour, but you'll also detect hints of fruit if you take a moment to fully embrace the aroma. The Brewers combined guava and orange rind with four varieties of hops to create one of the first double India Pale Ales. Break out the spices because this brew pairs well with well-seasoned meats and any dish boasting bold flavors.

Mad River Brewing Co. Blue Lake CA. - India Pale Ale
Brewing out of California, the Mad River Brewing Company has created the perfect India Pale Ale for beer drinkers who lead with their noses. Whether you pop the top off a bottle and take an immediate whiff or you wait until the light golden ale is filling your favorite glass, the strong aroma of hops with floral notes will give you something to savor. This sets the stage for what is to come from the intense flavor of Steelhead India Pale Ale. The sweetness of Two-Row malt carries throughout each sip, but the ending delivers a satisfying hoppy kick with noticeable hints of pine and citrus. Carapils and white wheat are added not only for flavor but to create the medium body and a foamy head that lingers in your glass. You may notice some floaters if you pour this beer into a glass, so it's almost like enjoying fresh home brew with the convenience of a bottle.

New Belgium Brewing, Fort Collins, CO. - Slow Ride Session IPA
A session IPA is designed to fill you up with big flavor without weighing you down or sending you to the door staggering. These are beers that help you relax and have a good time without going too far beyond 5 percent ABV, and New Belgium hits it right on the head with their 4.5 percent ABV beer known as Slow Ride Session IPA. If you enjoy a good IPA but sometimes want something that is less intense than your favorites, you may appreciate the fruity flavor that dominates this brew. Each sip ends with a bitter note of pure hops, but you'll primarily notice the mix of mango, blueberry, apricot and orange that delivers a powerful first impression. The fruit-laced aroma and the dry finish join with the flavor to create a versatile beer that you can enjoy with a picnic on a sunny day or during a football game in the fall.

Anderson Valley Brewing Company, Boonville, CA - Heelch O'Hops IPA
The word "heelch" means "a lot," and the Anderson Brewing Company did this IPA a favor when they named it Heelch O'Hops IPA. The brew is steeped in Cascade, Columbus, and Chinook hops, and together they create an intensely bitter flavor profile that pleases many Irish Pale Ale fans. This is balanced out with Victory and Pale Two-Row malts, but you still get that burst of hoppy flavor with every sip. This is a full-bodied brew that offers some interesting undertones for your taste buds. Imagine peppercorn and vanilla blended with mango. Whether you take the time to savor every sip and pick apart the complex flavor or you down your bottle quickly, it'll leave you with a warm sensation of satisfaction. As for aroma, expect the woodsy note of redwood needles combined with the richness of pink grapefruit. You can enjoy this IPA as a standalone treat or combine it with spicy foods and extra sweet desserts.

Bridgeport Brewing Co. Portland, OR - Signature IPA
Every brewery wants a piece of the India Pale Ale pie, and the Bridgeport Brewing Company placed their noteworthy stamp on the market with their Signature IPA. This slightly-bitter, hopped-up brew has won nine distinguishing awards, including two medals from the Australian International Beer Awards and two World Beer Cup silver medals. To craft the citrusy taste with just the right amount of floral undertones, the brewers used a process known as "natural conditioning." This involves double fermenting the brew in the container that will eventually reach the hands of a thirsty fan. When you open a bottle of Signature IPA, you know that your beer has been fermenting in its bottle while waiting for your arrival. Once you set the brew free, you'll enjoy the bright orange glow as it fills your glass with beer derived from five varieties of hops. Those hops take charge of the flavor, so prepare your taste buds for a hoppy good time.

Mendocino Brewing Co. Ukiah, CA - White Hawk IPA
There are three beers that make up the Select Collection over at the Mendocino Brewing Company, and the traditional India Pale Ale in a bright green package is a fan favorite. It's known as White Hawk IPA, and it's handcrafted with a generous helping of Cascade and Fuggle hops. This is an American-English blend that creates an intense aroma that you can't escape. It pours into your glass with a deep golden color, and a delicate layer of white foam rises instantly to the top. As the foam dies back to a subtle ring, you'll notice the spicy scent that promises an even spicier burst of flavor. There's an earthy appeal that you can expect from a Fuggle-laced beer, and there's no mistaking that bitter edge that all hop-lovers crave. Yet, the brewers added just the right amount of sweet malts to provide a subtle balance. The end result is an exceptional IPA that tempts the nose and pleases the taste buds.