St. Patrick's Beer Gifts

St. Patrick's Day Beer Gifts

Beer Lovers for St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day is a holiday known for parades, shamrocks and all things Irish our brew gifts are created in the same spirit of celebration. Created with flair and fun these St. Patrick's Day Beer Gifts include a variety of Irish beers, award winning snacks and shamrock cookies. Take pride in sending Irish Joy to family, friends, clients and staff.

A bit of history about Ireland's long history of Brewing. By beginning of the nineteenth century there were over two hundred breweries in the country, fifty-five of them in Dublin. During the nineteenth century the number of breweries fell to about fifty, and today only about 12.

From it's golden history Ireland produced ale, without the use of hops as these are not native to Ireland. Even in the late 18th century hops were not used, when almost all other countries had adopted the use of them as an ingredient to preserve and flavour their beer. The Irish keep the history up to date with unique types that are featured in our St. Patrick's Day Gift Boxes.

St Patrick's Day Gifts

A bit about the Irish Beers Featured in our St. Patrick's Day Gift Baskets: Murphy's Red Ale- A well balanced Irish beer with full bodied flavor offering a refreshing specialty flavor with hints of malt and caramel. Guinness Foreign Extra- A unique medium lively bodied brew with a total black body offering an aromatic punch. Flavors of spice, dark chocolate and bitter hops, green herbs, and earthy coffee grounds are present And provide great individuality for this pick. George Killian's Irish Red- Irish lager with caramel malts with a rich red color and distinctive taste. Smithwick's Irish Ale - Subtle aromas with a clean bite considered on the top of the charts for Irish beers.