Summer Beer Gifts

Summer Beer Gifts

Summer beer gifts from BeerGifts.com are an excellent way to show your appreciation for the special people in your life. No matter whether they are family, friends, acquaintances or romantic partners, your recipients will know just how much they mean to you when you give the gift of beer, and when it is consumed in moderation, beer can provide a number of benefits.

Gifts that will make your Summer Awesome!

Nothing is more refreshing than sitting out on the deck during a beautiful summerís day with an ice-cold beer in hand. Just thinking about it can make your mouth water and bring a moment of longing for a time when the fantasy becomes a reality. Cold beer and summer days go hand-in-hand together like brunch on a Sunday morning. There is a time and place for everything, and there is no match that is more perfect than this. However, one thing that can make a summer beer even more special is when the beer is a gift.

Researchers in Finland have recently discovered that drinking a single beer each day can lower your risk of developing kidney stones, and a compound in hops, one of the main ingredients used to make beer, can slow the degradation of bone density. Also, beer is a great source of several nutrients, including fiber, vitamin B, magnesium and calcium, but to receive the most benefits, the beer should be minimally processed.

While Heineken and Budweiser make great summer beer gifts, many people appreciate the thought and care put into the crafting of microbrew, which is why it is often referred to as craft beer. At BeerGifts.com, we have a variety of choices that we have put together especially for the summer. The Summer Cool Can includes a trio of beers from Kona Brewing packed in a giant, novelty beer can. The three beers in the reusable can are as follows: Longboard Island Lager, Big Wave Golden Ale and Fire Rock Pale Ale.

Another great summer beer gift available at BeerGifts.com is the Summer Sensational Brew Gift Box. This recyclable gift box contains four microbrews and a selection of tasty snacks, such as butter cookies, smoked almonds and beer peanut brittle.

Quench your thirst with our Summertime Brews

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Chico, Ca. - Summerfest
When the sun turns up the heat, Sierra Nevada helps you keep it light and easy without skimping on flavor. Summerfest is a pilsner that strives to live up to the expectations of an authentic Czech brew, and it does succeed at remaining one of the most drinkable beers from this brewery. It pours a light golden yellow with a medium crown of bubbling white foam, and the 5 percent ABV ensures that most drinkers can enjoy more than one without suffering in the morning. This makes Summerfest a great pick for all summertime events, including camping trips, backyard cookouts and romantic picnics at the park.

This is a citrus-forward Crisp Lager, but what else would you expect from a beer named Summerfest? It pours with an attractive burst of carbonation with foam that wants to stay around as you sip. The aroma features obvious layers of lemon, apple, and honey with a touch of spice and a hint of something floral. The taste is much the same, but it has a touch more bitterness than you may expect from a light summer beer. This comes from the combination of Perle bittering hops with Spalter Select and Saaz finishing hops. Munich, Two-Row Pale, and Pilsner malts add the finishing touch.

New Belgium Brewery, Fort Collins CO. - Citradelic Tangerine IPA
Introduced in January of 2016 by the New Belgium Brewing Company, Citradelic Tangerine IPA delivers exactly what you might expect from the name. It stands firm on the combination of tangerine peels and some of the best hops, including Simcoe, Galaxy, Citra, Azzaca, Crystal, Mandarina Bavaria, Chinook, Cascade, and Centennial. The job of balancing all of those rich hops falls on premium-quality Caramel 120 and Pale malts. These ingredients create a citrus bomb that delivers a pleasant sweetness at the front of every sip. You can't have a tangerine brew without that citrus zing, but it's nicely balanced with a tasteful bitter quality. That intense citrus flavor is backed up by the bright orange color and fruity aroma that will remind you instantly of a juicy tangerine. The beer is so tangy that you may decide to count each bottle as a serving of fruit, but the relaxation that follows each glass will leave no questions as to the alcoholic content. When you're in the mood for something light and cheerful, Citradelic may do the trick.

Fire Island Beer Company, Fairfield CT. - Lighthouse Ale
The Fire Island Beer Company created their Lighthouse Ale to reflect the laid-back attitude enjoyed by visitors to the island that they call home. The alcohol by volume is just over 5 percent, and it has a smooth texture that slips down the throat effortlessly. While it has a slightly grainy edge and the hops definitely speak up in the flavor, this is the type of beer that you can sip in the backyard on a bright sunny day or pour at the end of a long, hard day. It brings the laid-back vibe of Fire Island, New York, to your fingertips, encouraging you to unwind from the stress of daily life. With a combination of U.S. Vanguard, U.S. Fuggle and Nugget hops, you're guaranteed a bitter end to every sip. That comes with the delicate balance of Kiln Amber, Two-Row and Caramunich malts, creating a recipe that is easy to enjoy one glass after another. The Lighthouse Ale experience starts with a toasted fruit aroma with notes of apple. It ends with the balanced taste of toasted caramel malts and fruits and a final bang of bitter hops. While the bitterness isn't overwhelming, it's enough to make Lighthouse Ale a favorite for may hop enthusiasts.

Odell Brewing Company, Fort Collins, CO. - Cutthroat Porter
Brewing is often a cutthroat business, but the challenges of the industry weren't the inspiration for the Odell Brewing Company's Cutthroat Porter. This brew was named after Colorado's state fish, showing the brewery's dedication to their hometown in Fort Collins. While the brewers were also inspired by the classic porters produced in London, they made sure that this beer goes down smooth and delivers a rewarding drinking experience for their fans. To accomplish this, they chose dark roasted malts to create a deep brown beer that pours into your glass with a tall head of bubbling foam. Those malts are the star of the recipe, providing hints of coffee and chocolate for a flavor profile that most dark beer lovers can appreciate. Drinking satisfaction is also increased with a moderate dose of carbonation and a medium mouthfeel. The hops make their presence known, but it's the cocoa-rich coffee that overtakes the taste buds and makes you want to tip your glass one more time. This is a creamy beer that may give you a new appreciation for the London porter craft.

Santa Fe Brewing, Santa Fe NM. - Happy Camper IPA
Santa Fe may make you one Happy Camper with this ruby red IPA filling up your glass. The highlight of the recipe is perhaps the combination of Citra, Amarillo, Simcoe, Summit and Bravo hops. This creates a solid foundation of bitterness with interesting floral, citrus and spicy highlights that add complexity to the aroma and flavor. When Crystal, Two-Row Pale, Munich and Carastan malts are added to the recipe, you're left with a well-balanced beer that encourages you to follow one sip with another and another. Each drink of Happy Camper IPA starts out with an intense burst of bitterness, but the citrus, pine, and slightly floral highlights quickly jump in to balance out the flavor. This highly drinkable brew also produces a bubbly head with enough lacing to make every Happy Camper smile. Is it any wonder that this beer has won six awards from some of the best festivals, competitions and brewfests in New Mexico and the United States.

Stone Brewing Company, Escondido, CA. - Stone Pale Ale
Mandarina Bavaria is the star of the show when you enjoy a tall glass of Stone Pale Ale. This German hop brings intense spice to the brew, but it's balanced by prominent fruity characteristics. Peach and orange flavors bring life to every glass, but the foundation of a warm biscuit quality makes each sip pleasantly complex. Other noteworthy ingredients include Herkules and Magnum hops, creating a bold recipe that turns some of the best European hops and malts into a pale ale brewed in true American West Coast fashion. This was one of the more interesting takes on a pale ale to hit the bottle in 2015, and it is still one of the more popular craft brews from Stone Brewing. You can pick up Stone Pale Ale six 12-ounce bottles at a time or catch it straight from the tap. The spicy aroma comes with fruity undertones that predict the hop-enriched flavor to come. This is a beer that you can enjoy straight from the bottle, but it also entertains when poured into a glass. It offers a golden amber color topped by an off-white head of creamy foam. With 6% ABV, it delivers just enough alcohol to turn any drinking session into an intoxicating memory. If you can handle the bitter finish that comes with every sip, this is a beer that may allow you to enjoy multiple bottles in a sitting.

Great Divide Brewing, Denver, CO. - Denver Pale Ale
If you like your hops with a side of grapefruit and tangerine, you may find it difficult to walk away from this American-style pale ale after just one glass. It's brewed in Colorado by the Great Divide Brewing Company and is best known as a celebratory brew that pays tribute to the vibrant arts community developing throughout the state. Each year, one local artist is selected to create a unique design that is featured on cans sold throughout the state. While you can only purchase these Artist Series cans in Colorado, this is a year-round brew that is available in standard six packs and kegs throughout the country. Appropriately named Denver Pale Ale, this beer pours out with a little haze and a bright, golden color. Creamy white foam rises to the top of the glass and sticks around for the first few sips. It slowly fades away to lacey ringlets that linger almost to the last drop. This is a brew founded on hops, so you can expect notes of citrus and pine followed by a bitter punch. While the alcohol is limited to 5.0% ABV and the bitterness isn't as intense as some other hop-based brews, Denver Pale Ale gives you the freedom to enjoy multiple glasses in one session.

Rogue Brewing, Newport, OR. - Beard Beer
Cheers to the beard! When the Rogue Brewing Company's master brewer plucked a hair from his long-grown beard, one of the world's more unique American Wild Ales was born. That hair served as the seed for the Beard Yeast used in their Beard Beer. The Brewers combined that yeast with the free-range coastal water that's used in all Rogue brews, Sterling hops, and a combination of C15, Munich and Pilsner malts. Since beard hair is considered a natural-growing material, this brew maintains the standards of purity upheld by Rogue for years. You can expect to find minimal natural ingredients with no additives, preservatives or chemicals in the final product. In 2015, Beard Beer was awarded a gold medal at the World Beer Championships. This validated the rewarding drinking experience that has made this Wild Ale popular with thousands of beer drinkers across the country. It starts with a tall head of creamy foam that hangs around nearly to the last sip. The aroma hits your nose with sweet malts and a punch of fruit, predicting the fruity flavor to come. With a final bite of hops when you swallow the well-balanced brew, your palate is set up to crave the next sip. Bring out the meat or a sweet dessert for an enjoyable combination.

Beer Glasses make a Great Gift

To people who are not ardent beer drinkers or collectors of beer glass products, it can be a daunting task to select the perfect gift. Some consumers love to taste wine from different parts of California while beer lovers love to drink cold beer and keep it coming. Beer enthusiasts can discern a unique color, taste, and aroma, all of which change when the liquid hits the glass. Some like their brew served in chilled vessels while others prefer their beer served at room temperature. We want to help you solve this dilemma so you can make an informed selection on our website.

Shopping online for pub glasses and other items for beer lovers on your list is convenient. At BeerGifts.com, we carry a variety of products, including pint, pilsner, Steins and pub glassware. True beer lovers will know which occasions are appropriate for each kind of glass we offer, but we have also added some information to assist with this task.

When you're going to throw a party or share a beer with the family on Monday nights, you can bring out decorative glassware. We stock a variety of gift sets, such as our India Pale Ale Gift Box, our Stella Artois Gift Box, and our Spiegelau Gift Refresh Beer Stein Gift Box. These products are a perfect size for brand lovers. There are a few selections here for people seeking smaller portions or offering beer samples. Our Budweiser Retro Pint gifts are ideal for guests who drink a small amount of beer, and our Wooden Craft Brew flight set are perfect for arranging samples of selected craft beers. You might need more than one set if you or a gift recipient will entertain many guests.

People who want a serious serving -- perhaps to enjoy with a meal or to save from having to get up and refresh their glass during a big game -- appreciate our tall pint glasses from different manufacturers. Cool options are our Pilsner in different themes and our Hopside Down Beer Mug Gift Set. Having more choices for glassware will help please beer aficionados in your life. If there is a beer glass product featured here you want to know more about, please use the "Contact Us" link below. We quickly respond by email because your business is very important to us.